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January 2019

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My Dad is my Role Model


Jimmy John's - Vincent Murray

“My dad is my role model, for sure. He’s done some pretty great things in his life. He’s such a hard worker; was a police officer and a SWAT team commander. He’s been a football coach for over 20 years. It’s just crazy what he’s accomplished and what he has the gumption to do. My dream is to have healthy kids and for them to look at me the way I look at my father.” 

- Vincent Murray, 1st Assistant Manager, Plymouth, MI #364

I Feel Blessed


Jimmy John's - Max Murray&Bro

“I enjoy being a twin a lot, it's cool. I definitely feel blessed, and I just think about how I’ve always had him by my side no matter what. We get along and we’re into the same things - it’s a special thing to have. Right now we’re both studying to be welders. It’s so interesting to us, so we decided to stick with it and get certified or maybe get our Associate’s.”

- Max Murray (left), General Manager, Livonia, MI #2276

Strive to be Kind


Jimmy John's - Marissa White

Strive to be kind, patient and understanding when dealing with the conflicts and problems of others. Use empathy when trying to make a difference in someone's life who may be less fortunate. Learn all that you possibly can to improve your inner, core self to achieve your dreams and promote a positive learning environment where others can achieve their dreams too!
- Marissa White, General Manager, Charleston, WV #3954

My Nephew


Jimmy John's - Benito Castanon

“I love hangin’ out with my nephew. He’s 9 years old and basically lives with me. We watch wrestling and just chill together; he’s so awesome. I’m his godfather so we’re really close, and I feel a big responsibility to be someone he can look up to. We don’t have a lot of positive male figures in our family, so I try to be that for him. We all need that.”

- Benito Castanon, General Manager, Saginaw, MI #33