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November 2018

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See the good


Jimmy John's - Dalton Woolridge

“I try to see the good in everything. It’s easy to only talk about your bad days, but even a bad day has its’ ups. Everyone has those days, it happens, but you gotta find those ups and focus on them.”

- Dalton Woolridge, Delivery Driver & Catering Manager, Urbana, IL #9036

This was perfect


Jimmy John's - Raful Solano

"I'm studying Integrative Biology at the University of Illinois and I've been delivering at JJ's for about 2 years. I needed something that could work around my school schedule and this was perfect. My program is pretty tough, so I need that. Plus, I like coming in and having fun people to work with. It takes my mind off of things."
- Raful Solano, Delivery Driver, Champaign, IL #9003

Spread Smiles


Jimmy John's - Nick Mercier

“My coworkers are awesome, I love everyone here. I also love customer interaction, it’s a lot of fun talking to people and making their day. I always try to be positive; we all have bad days so I do my best to make other people smile.”

- Nick Mercier, Delivery Driver & Catering Manager, Champaign, IL #9003

Craft your attention to detail


Jimmy John's - Brian Hottashed

"I like to play music. I play guitar, but I also like sound engineering and recording; audio production kind of stuff. It’s a good way to craft your attention to detail and it’s the easiest way for me to express myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m better at communicating with music than talking, if that makes sense?”

- Brian Mottashed, Delivery Driver, Urbana, IL #9008