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April 2018

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Stay your own course


Jimmy John's - Anthony Brown

“I’ve had people tell me to go sell drugs, tell me to quit school…don’t listen to those people. Don’t let anybody get in your mind. Ever. Stay your own course and be yourself.”

- Anthony Brown, Inshop, Louisville, KY #1232

The Expectation


Jimmy John's - Greg Silberzahn

“I think it all comes down to our atmosphere, for real. You come into a store and see smiling faces. There’s people that are excited to take care of you; there’s people that want to give you an obsessive amount of good customer service. I want our customers to feel it. Jimmy John’s champions that kind of atmosphere. It’s not like we’re okay with being mediocre and giving mediocre service, we want everyone to get the best. And that’s not the exception, it’s the expectation.”

- Greg Silberzahn, Area Manager, Manitowoc, WI #957, #741, #1411, #2125

Make the best of it


Jimmy John's - Beth Fabre

“I have 3 kiddos, and I want to give them the best life possible. I’ll do whatever I can for them. I’d like to become a General Manager one day, and I’m working really hard for it. It’s tough with kids, but I’ll make it work. You just can’t give up, you have to keep trying and one day you’ll get a different outcome. And it’s hard; it can be so hard sometimes. The world beats you down and you have to keep getting up. Life will continue and you need to make the best of it.”

-Beth Fabre, 2nd Assistant Manager, Oklahoma City, OK #3142

Definition of Success


Jimmy John's - Anthony Petersen

"I guess my definition of success is being happy with what you're doing. I like Jimmy John's, I've been here for about 14 years, and I wouldn't be here if I didn't like it. But it's important to be happy in your job as well as your life outside of work. When my kids were born it changed everything, it gave me perspective. You'll want family to be first instead of work, and sometimes you have to stop and make that call. Finding that balance is still something I'm working on."

- Anthony Petersen, Franchisee, Oklahoma City, OK #1317, #1624, #2111, #2112, #2984