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March 2018

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Jimmy John's - Tyler Stefan

"Three years ago I was in a one-bedroom apartment and I didn't have a good job. I got hired here, and decided I wanted to buy my own house and my own car. Now I have my house and a brand new car, and it's because I worked hard. Set those goals, attain them, and then set new ones. And when it happens, it feels so good to say, 'I DID THAT'."

- Tyler Stefan, Training Manager, Champaign, IL


Work & life


Jimmy John's - John McIntyre

“Try to find that happy balance between work and your personal life. It’s okay to love your job, to the love the work you do, to want to do the best and be the best at it, but at the end of the work day, let it go. Free your mind and do some of the other things that make life worth living. I love the responsibility of being a General Manager and that I have earned the position I’m in. That someone is confident enough in me and trusts me enough to let me manage their business. Being a GM is hard work, but it is all worth it. All I can say now is, let’s see what the next 7 years bring and I AM SO READY.”

- John McIntyre, General Manager, Austin, TX #491

Hard-Earned Success


  Jimmy John's - Matt Wilkins

“Trying to finish school while working as many hours as I could was a challenge. I went to Eastern, I was driving to Charleston 4 days a week and then working doubles here on the weekends. I wasn’t taking a full course load so that helped a lot. It took a little longer, but I was able to pay for it as I went. It was definitely worth it to take the little bit of extra time.” #HardEarnedSuccess

- Matt Wilkins, 2nd Assistant Manager, Champaign, IL #9015

We Are Thankful


Jimmy John's - Traci

"I have a friend who was actually homeless on the streets of downtown Phoenix, she’s been through a lot. Now she does volunteer work for this organization called Finding My Shoes. So, I took my daughter down there a while back. It was 110 degrees and we handed out food, water, razors, soap…whatever someone might need. That was an eye opening experience. And here we are eating our Jimmy John’s…we’re very thankful. My kids are all doing great, and I feel accomplished in that."

-Traci, Jimmy John’s Customer, Mesa, AZ #1725