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Jimmy At Home: Cuban Sandwich

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Winter is almost here, and what better way to escape the cold than a tasty toasted Jimmy John's sandwich? 


Check out this yummy recipe for Jimmy John's Cuban sandwiches!

Jimmy John's Cuban sandwich with Jimmy Chips


What to order from Jimmy John’s:

#7, add salami, no lettuce or tomato, with yellow mustard packets on the side.

A Jimmy Pickle, whole.


What you need at home:


Panini press 


What to do:

1. Slice up your pickle as thin or as thick as you’d like!

Jimmy John's Pickles being sliced.


2. Place your pickle slices and yellow mustard on to your sammie. 

Jimmy John's Cubans


3. Butter up both sides and place it on your panini press! Cook until the cheese is melty and your sandwich is browned and toasty. WARNING: This is messy but so worth it, I promise.

Jimmy John's Cuban sandwiches on panini press


4. Remove from the press, let 'em cool down and enjoy!


PS: If you have your own tasty recipe you wanna share or try out one of mine use the hashtag #JimmyAtHome on Instagram and you might be featured in the future!