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Jimmy at Home: Chocolate Dipped Cookies

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Santa Claus is coming to town and he wants some Jimmy John's Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies dipped in Ghirardelli Chocolate and sprinkled with yummy goodness. 


Check out this yummy recipe for chocolate dipped Jimmy John's Cookies!


What to order from Jimmy John’s:

Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies 


What you need at home:

Ghirardelli chocolate chips

Large bowl



Candy canes


What to do:

1. Add chocolate chips to a microwave safe bowl and follow directions on package to melt. Typically, microwave on 50% heat for 1 minute and repeat till melted down 



2. Stir chocolate chips until fully smooth and the bowl is cool to touch 



3. Dip cookie in chocolate and let excess chocolate drip off 



4. Place on parchment paper and add crushed candy canes and festive sprinkles! 


5. ENJOY (and share with Santa) 



PS: If you have your own tasty recipe you wanna share or try out one of mine use the hashtag #JimmyAtHome on Instagram and you might be featured in the future!