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September 2017

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I love making people laugh


Andrew Johnson

"I love making people laugh and laughing with them. I was the youngest of 3 boys and we’re all within 4 years of each other so we were always cracking jokes and getting into trouble, but my mom kept us in check. She has a sense of humor too, I think that’s where I get it. I love laughing and being around good people, so I have fun at work. I think it’s important to have fun and bring light into the world."

-Andrew Johnson, Guerilla Marketer, Crete, IL

What I look forward to



"Parenting is a challenge, but it’s also my motivation. Everything goes back to my daughter. She’s what I look forward to every day, I just love waking up to her. She’s the whole reason I started as a driver and worked my way up to become a General Manager."

-Michael Durham, General Manager, Lake Havasu City, AZ #2730

Jimmy At Home: French Dips


We all have those days where we need dinner fast, and there's no better answer than JJ's delivery, but sometimes you just really crave a good, home cooked meal and I feel ya. That's where this tasty recipe comes in! 

Check out out how to make French Dips JJ's style!

I mean, who said you can't have your sub and eat it too?

Jimmy John's French Dips


What to order:

#10, no veggies, no mayo


What you'll need at home:

1 pack of your favorite au jus mix 

About 5 minutes of your time!


Au Jus Mix


What to do: 

1. Turn your oven's broiler on and let it heat up! 

2. In a small sauce pan, follow the instructions on your package of au jus mix. (Mine just required some water and heat, pretty easy, eh?)

Mixing Au Jus


3. As your au jus mix is turning into yummy, liquid goodness, pop your subs into the oven with the top open. Broil until the bread is toasty and the cheese is melted!

Toasted Hunter's Club


4. Remove subs from the oven and let 'em cool for a bit. Remove your au jus from the heat and transfer to dipping bowls! 

5. Get dippin'!

Jimmy John's French Dips 2




One of my favorite stories


Julian Cano
"One of our regulars has been coming to our store for over 3 years and she has a super customized order, but I know it by heart. When she comes in, we always have it ready for her. We barely talked in the beginning, but after a while I learned her name and she started confiding in me about her son. Her son is autistic and so is my little brother.  One day she came in and she made these cool, handmade autism awareness bracelets. She didn’t even get food, she just came in out of nowhere and was like, ‘Here, I wanted you to have this.' So I was like, oh man, it got me choked up a little. She’s sweet and she didn’t have to do that. That’s one of my favorite stories."

-Julian Cano, General Manager, Mesa, AZ #2448

I love taking care of my managers!


Alison Wofford

"We love seeing people grow into management positions and beyond. We hired two employees to work with me when we opened our Lake Havasu City, Arizona store in 2014 and now one of them is an operating partner with us. It’s been so fun to watch her grow! Different people have different strengths and weaknesses. I love taking care of my managers, so my managers can take care of our team, and our team can take care of our customers.”

-Alison Wofford, Franchisee #331, #2466 & #2739

Jimmy John's Locations in FL


At this time, all individually owned and operated Jimmy John's franchises in FL are back open after Irma and ready to serve you yummy sandwiches!

Some shops continue to have issues with their local internet, so online ordering may be down. Order over the phone, or stop by inshop! Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Irma.

Peace and love,


Cheesy but true!


Tim Recio

"So I know this is kind of cheesy, but the signs hanging in our stores, they’re totally true. There’s one that really sticks with me. I think it says, 'If you don’t step forward you’re always in the same place. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.' It’s really true. It’s important."

-Tim Recio, Delivery Driver, Normal, IL #2714