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August 2017

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Mini Jimmy-cation: Phoenix, AZ


We're off on another adventure, and what better place than the Valley of the Sun? ☀️☀️☀️


PHOENIX, what's up?!


Here are just a few of my favorite places to visit while in town:


1. Roosevelt Row Art's District

Street art galore! Take a walk through the district, you won't regret it.

Jimmy John's - Roosevelt Row Arts District

And you gotta take some photos because this artwork makes the BEST back drop. 📸


2. Phoenix Botanical Garden

Located right next to the Phoenix Zoo this is the perfect spot for a picnic with some kick a$$ views!

Jimmy John's - Desert Botanical Garden

Just keep an eye on those ducks. You love my fresh baked bread, and so do they!


3. Tonto National Forest

Take a short drive toward Mesa and you'll eventually run into the Tonto National Forest. If you're lucky, you'll catch a glimpse of some wild horses!

Jimmy John's - Tonto National Forest

You'll get even luckier carrying around some Mini Jimmys. 👍


4. Arizona State University

On your way back, swing by campus! Lots to see and even more to do...

Jimmy John's - ASU Palm Walk

Like stare at a box of sandwiches. That's my favorite.



Don't forget to come visit me here:

Jimmy John's - Phoenix

  1. 7000 N. 16th Phoenix, AZ 
  2. 1650 E. Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ
  3. 3110 N. Central Ave Phoenix, AZ
  4. 4716 E. Cactus Rd Phoenix, AZ
  5. 430 E. Bell Rd Phoenix, AZ
  6. 2814 N. 44th St Phoenix, AZ
  7. 620 E. Roosevelt St Phoenix, AZ
  8. 3317 E. Bell Rd Phoenix, AZ
  9. 11 W. Washington Phoenix, AZ
  10. 4032 North Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ
  11. 20235 N. Cave Creek Rd Phoenix, AZ
  12. 5890 W. Thunderbird Rd Glendale, AZ
  13. 2805 W. Aqua Fria Fwy Phoenix, AZ
  14. 8320 N. Hayden Rd Scottsdale, AZ
  15. 15425 N. Scottsdale Rd Scottsdale, AZ
  16. 21001 N. Tatum Blvd Phoenix, AZ
  17. 10460 N. 90th St Scottsdale, AZ
  18. 14900 N. Pima Rd Scottsdale, AZ
  19. 18589 North 59th Ave Glendale, AZ
  20. 680 S. Mill Ave Tempe, AZ
  21. 4740 S. 48th St Phoenix, AZ
  22. 10045 W. Camelback Rd Phoenix, AZ


I take pride in that!


Pat Ventura

"I’m not really the type of guy to work behind a desk and I wasn’t the greatest student. School just wasn’t my deal. I always enjoyed working way more than going to the library, ya know? I like coming to work at JJ’s. I worked like 30-35 hours a week when I was going to school, and sometimes I’d skip a class, just to pick up a shift. I like being on my feet, talking to coworkers and customers. I take pride in that."

-Pat Ventura, General Manager, Normal, IL #2714

Making sandwiches is my favorite part


Jared Bacus

"You always need to work in your stores. I’m 10 years in and I’m still in my stores every day. That’s the best way to do it! Your employees want to see you in the store. Nobody likes having the boss that just sits back and collects checks. They want to see that you still make sandwiches and, honestly, I still love it. It’s my favorite part."

-Jared Bacus, Jimmy John's Owner, Phoenix, AZ,  Mesa, AZ, Colby, KS & Prescott Valley, AZ

I believe in these people



Joseph Watson

"For the first year and a half that I worked at JJ’s, I didn’t have a car. I walked a half hour to and from work. Now I have my own apartment and my own car, and this company is the reason I have those things. I can count on the people here and they take care of me. Our owners, Marc and Mary, and our General Manager, Pat, have been incredibly gracious to me. I believe in these people, I believe in the product, and I believe in the individuals that make the product. I just love these people so damn much and I would literally do anything for them. Their hearts run this place."

- Joseph Watson, 2nd Assistant Manager, Normal, IL #2714



My Passion


Jimmy John's Employee

"I’ve played guitar for about 11 years now. It’s something I wind down with at the end of the day, or any time really. When I just feel like hanging out, chillin’, or need to get something off my mind; whether I’m happy or sad I just pick it up and go to that place."

-Austin Doyle, Inshop, Normal, IL #2714