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Fresh Sliced Produce

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Since 1983, we’ve been slicing fresh produce by hand every single day, in every single store. It takes a little more time and a little more integrity, but it's worth it. 

We buy our veggies locally and they are delivered fresh to their community’s Jimmy John’s.

Jimmy John's Employee with locally delivered produce

While you’re sleeping, JJ Rockstars are in their shops, checking each and every vegetable for quality, prepping, and then hand slicing them to make you a homemade sub from scratch.

Nothing comes to us pre-sliced and we use only the highest quality ingredients.

Tomatoes being washed at Jimmy John's

We unbox the lettuce heads, tomatoes and cucumbers, wash them, slice them and serve to you on your favorite sandwich.

We unbox the celery stalks, remove the ugly ends, wash them, slice them and mix them into our homemade tuna salad.

We peel the onion skins and slice them for your sub or dice them for tuna salad.

Everyday, we spend 6 hours slice and baking to make you a 30 second sub.

Jimmy John's employee prepping cucumbers

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh, red, ripe Roma tomatoes, crisp shredded lettuce or fresh sliced cucumbers. Combine it with my fresh baked bread, all-natural meats and tasty, real Hellmann's mayo, and you'll see where the magic happens.

All the little things we do make us better than anyone else. That’s why we’re Jimmy Fresh™.

JImmy John's Makeline