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May 2017

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Where Fresh and Fast Meet


Jimmy John's Employee

“We do a lot of little things that make 2 big things happen: speed & quality. Jimmy John’s is where fresh and fast meet. No one can match our Freaky Fast ® service, but more importantly, our ingredients are best in class. I locally purchase produce 2-3 times a week. Typically it’s going on someone’s sandwich and out the door that day. The lettuce I’m hand slicing right now was delivered yesterday! Quality ingredients are huge, and if they aren’t Jimmy Fresh then I don’t feel comfortable selling them.”

-Jon Gonzalez, General Manager, North Little Rock, AR, #1505

All-Natural Meat!


Did you know that there are Rockstars in over 2,700 Jimmy John’s across the United States that are hand slicing my all-natural meats in-shop every single day?

If you didn't, now you do.

JImmy John's employee slicing JJ's all-natural meats

My meats are all-natural and best in class. They have no artificial ingredients, no added hormones, no artificial preservatives, no nitrates and no added nitrites. They are MSG free and phosphate free.

There is no grinding, no tumbling, no fill, and they are as pure as it gets.

Jimmy John's all-natural capicola

They are fresh and never frozen. We season them with basic seasonings, let ‘em sit overnight and then roast them in an oven. They are then boxed and delivered fresh to your local Jimmy John’s. 

We slice them by hand in every single store, every single day and have since I first opened in 1983. That big fancy slicer isn't just for decoration!

Jimmy John's all-natural meats 

Check out more about my all-natural meats right here. That’s Jimmy Fresh™!

We Keep It Jimmy Fresh™


Jimmy John's Employee

"I get here at 6am every morning and my local produce guy is always on time. He brings everything I need for the day: fresh heads of lettuce, red ripe tomatoes, fresh celery & onions. Our produce is used almost immediately. It’s locally purchased & delivered, and hand sliced that morning. We’ll go through one truck order of produce in 1-2 days, so our produce is never more than 2 days old. We’re keeping it fresh, and our customers can tell the difference. It’s the same stuff we’ve done since day one, we’re just telling people about it now!” 

-Justin Moore, General Manager, Little Rock, AR #1722

Jimmy Fresh Bread


Rumor has it there are a lot of folks out there who dig my buns. It’s cuz I got a world class…bread. 😏

Jimmy John's Bread

Since 1983, I’ve been baking my bread fresh in-house. We thaw it, stretch it, rise it and bake it right where you can see us. It’s baked all day everyday, and we never make a sandwich on French bread that’s more than 4 hours old. After 4 hours, we wrap it up and sell it as Day Old bread!

Jimmy John's employee stretching bread

My 9-grain thick sliced wheat bread is baked fresh every morning, hand sliced by JJ Rockstars and put in a container where you can see it. We use every slice throughout the day and then we thaw it, bake it and slice it all again the next morning.

That’s Jimmy Fresh.

Jimmy John's wheat bread

My bread is world class. The ingredients in my bread are world class. It costs a little more and I could use cheaper quality ingredients, but I don’t.

It’s that simple. Really.



Jimmy John's Employee

"Guerilla Marketers travel to different Jimmy John’s across the United States and teach them how to effectively sample in their community. Talking to someone face to face and handing them a free sample sandwich means a lot more than sending a coupon in the mail. It also gives people a chance to taste our sandwiches if they haven’t already, and our sandwiches are as fresh as they get with fresh sliced all-natural meats and cheese, locally purchased produce sliced by hand and fresh baked bread that’s never over four hours old! That’s why sampling works!" 

-Emma Newman, Guerrilla Marketer, Champaign, IL

25 things you didn't know about Jimmy John's

Check out 25 things you didn't know about JJ, right from the man himself, Jimmy John's founder and owner, Jimmy John Liautaud!


1. We slice everything fresh every day by hand, and have since 1983. We just haven't told you- now you know.

Jimmy John's ingredients


2. Our meats are all natural. No artificial preservatives or MSG- natural rocks!

3. Our in-house, baked fresh bread is sold as Day Old Bread after 4 hours old.

  Jimmy John's Tasty Day Old Bread

4. Every JJ's stays open 10 minutes past its posted closing time.

5. We make subs Freaky Fast™, 12 seconds is the record set for fastest sub.

6.  Jimmy attended 2 months of college at Eastern Illinois University, home of the original store. 

Jimmy John's and Eastern Illinois University

7.  You can have your sub made any way you want, your wish is our pleasure! 

8.  We slice all meats and veggies fresh every day in every store.

9. Jimmy's dad was his first partner, he loaned Jimmy $25,000 to start in 1983.

Original Jimmy John's

10. Jimmy bought out his dad and repaid the loan in 1985.

11. The original menu consisted of 4 subs for $2.10 each and 25 cent cokes.

Old School Jimmy John's Menu

12. Jimmy founded the first JJ's store at 19 years old in 1983.

13. Jimmy never assigned a store #13 because it was an unlucky number- I guess it worked.

14.  We slice all our produce fresh every day in every store, meats too, by hand.

Jimmy John's Fresh Sliced Veggies

15. Our meats are all natural.

16. Jimmy can't dance, or sing, but he dances and sings often. 

17. Drew Brees owns 9 JJ's in New Orleans. Who dat?

Jimmy John's owner Jimmy John Liautaud and Drew Brees

18. Jimmy is a farmer and he also makes an oh-so tasty Philly steak sandwich. 

19. Jimmy's the man behind the man behind the sandwich. We call it an upside down pyramid. Jimmy serves those who serve those who serve the sandwiches.

20. Our cookies are made with real butter and real vanilla and you can taste the love.

21. We spend 6 hours slicing and baking every day to make you a 30-second sandwich.

Jimmy John's Cookies

22. Our chips have a lot of chips in the bag, not a lot of air. See for yourself.

23. Did I mention our meats are all natural?

24. Since JJ began in 1983, all meats and veggies are sliced fresh every day in every store.

25. If you like the way your sub tastes, tell your pals. If you have a suggestion, write to me at If it works, I'll implement it!



Rockin' promposals


Every Spring, students across America channel their inner Martha and craft up some of the most ridiculous ways to ask each other to prom. From dance routines to overpass signs, these kiddos are getting more and more over the top. 

That's not to say I don't enjoy seeing what they come up with. So, here are a few of my favorites. You can say I'm biased, it's ok.






Promposal using Jimmy John's Cups

Jimmy John's employee with Jimmy John's Cups


and a special shout out to this fashionista Rockstar, I'm impressed!


Love your customers and they will love you back



Jimmy John's Employee

"We have a lot of regulars that come in for lunch almost every day. Yesterday someone told me they thought it was cool I knew our customers by name. That just seems natural to me, it’s a small town, and that’s what we do. We love our regulars and they love us. The least I can do is learn their name and make them feel at home!"

- Kassi Wherry, 1st Assistant Manager, Clinton, IL #114

Mini Jimmy-cation: Denver, CO


Hellooo Mile High City!


Flowers are bloomin' and the trees are fillin' out, what better time to pay the Rockies a visit?!


If ya need a little direction, I got you! Here are some of my favorite spots. 👇 


1. Colorado State Capitol Building

I know, I know you're probably thinking it's "just another Capitol building", but you're wrong! It marks the official elevation of Denver at exactly 1 mile above sea level. Pretty cool, eh?

Mini Jimmy box

Careful, those steps are a doozy, altitude really gets to ya.


2. Confluence Park

Take a walk (or a run, for you real go-getters) in Confluence Park! Lots of paths and trails with sweet views.

Mini Jimmy box

And for those of you who like to eat *cough* *cough* (me) there are some solid spots to chill. 👌


3. RiNo Arts District

Get some art in your life! Denver street art rocks and you'll find an unlimited supply in the Rino Arts District!

Mini Jimmy box

Quite the masterpiece if ya ask me 😏


4. Denver Union Station

This isn't your average train station, Denver Union Station is really REALLY nice. It also has Little Man ice cream inside, which pairs perfectly with...

Mini Jimmy box guessed it, MINI JIMMYS.


5. Lost Gulch Overlook

If you have time, take a quick drive up to Boulder. You gotta get your mountain fix!

Mini Jimmy box

Hold on tight, it can get dangerously windy up there! 


I'd make a pun about wind, but it blows.

Motorcycle gif


Don't forget to visit us here:

Map of Jimmy John's in Denver area

  1. 2325 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO
  2. 110 16th St. Denver, CO
  3. 6110 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO
  4. 361 E. Alameda Ave. Denver, CO
  5. 622 16th St. Denver, CO
  6. 1140 S. Colorado Blvd. Glendale, CO
  7. 2075 S. University Blvd. Denver, CO
  8. 7507 E 36th Ave. Denver, CO
  9. 3467 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO
  10. 3001 S. Broadway Englewood, CO
  11. 9135 E. Northfield Blvd. Denver, CO
  12. 10551 E. Garden Dr. Aurora, CO
  13. 6300 E. Hampden Ave. Denver, CO
  14. 12501 E. 17th Ave. Aurora, CO
  15. 7355 W. Colfax Ave. Lakewood, CO
  16. 7850 W. Alameda Ave. Lakewood, CO
  17. 14302 E. Cedar Ave. Aurora, CO
  18. 4682 S. Yosemite Greenwood Village, CO
  19. 5220 Wadsworth Bypass Arvada, CO
  20. 2610 W. Belleview Ave. Littleton, CO

If you can measure it, you can manage it!


Jimmy John's Employee

"On my first day at Jimmy John’s, I remember being so impressed with the cleanliness and precision. Whether it’s cleaning the bathroom, baking perfect bread, or slicing our all-natural meats and fresh veggies, we’re focused on systems and procedures 100% of the time. After 34 years, the system to operate the store is down to a science. If you can measure it, you can manage it!”

-Fred Dobry, Guerrilla Marketer, Elmhurst, IL