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Jimmy John's employee

"I’m a Bicycle Delivery Driver for Jimmy John’s in Tucson, AZ, but my true love is cycling and backpacking, to wherever my heart takes me.

One trip to Southeast Asia stands out. I had loved my experience, but I was getting tired of the tropics. One day, I randomly went to an airline office and asked, ‘What’s the cheapest flight to Nepal?' It ended up being just about how much money I had, so three days later I flew to Nepal. Boom, completely unplanned. I’ve never done anything like that before. I biked a solo three-week trek through the Himalayas. I reached 17,769 feet, the highest that I’ve ever hiked! All along the way, prayer flags were strung along mountain ridges and peaks, blowing in the wind. Beautiful. I’d left long after the guided groups had left, so when I reached the top of the mountain pass, everyone had already gone down the other side. I stood there, completely alone, taking in the magnificent view. It was incredible!

On another trip, I cycled through Washington, Oregon, and California. After about 10 weeks I reached Mexico. I spent a little time sitting on the beach and then headed back to San Diego. After months of traveling, it was time to make some more money. I looked on Craig’s list for a warm location for the winter, so I could live out of my sleeping bag. I found an ad for ‘Bicycle Delivery Driver, Tucson Jimmy John’s.’ Hmm, I’ve got a bike and Tucson is warm, I can probably do that! Within an hour, I hitchhiked from San Diego to Phoenix, then caught another ride from Phoenix to Tucson. I found the store, filled out an application, talked with Paul, the hiring manager for a while, and he offered me a job! That was just over a month ago and I love that I get to ride my bike while earning some bucks!"

Rachael Mumdell, Bike Delivery Driver, Tucson, AZ #1180