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February 2017

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Mardi Gras MVPs


Happy Mardi Gras! Today is a big day full of celebration! 🎉🎉


Lots of music, dancing, and parades...nothin' but good times on Mardi Gras! While you're out and about celebrating and eating cake I'm sure you'll see a few faces similar to these.


Allow me to introduce the MVPs of Mardi Gras (well, just a few of them.)


The Smiley Kids

Whether you're in NOLA, St. Louis or any other city celebrating, I can guarantee you'll see lots of smiley kids! Nothing makes kids happier than parades and free candy...

Girl holding Mini JimmyAlthough this smile is brought to you by free Mini Jimmys 😁


The Street Performers

These performers got talent...singing, dancing, magic tricks, what a sight to see! They'll get you in the Mardi Gras spirit before ya know it.

Man holding Jimmy John's sandwich


The Bartenders

Do I really need to explain why they're on the MVP list?

Man and woman holding Mini JimmysTip 'em with sammies, they won't forget ya!


The Ladies

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that there will always be a group of girls with matching wigs for Mardi Gras. I don't know, I could be wrong...

Mini Jimmys...but probably not. 😏


The Dudes

I'm not going out on a limb here, there are always dudes ready to party for Mardi Gras! And they will bring some of the best costumes to the table.

Men holding Mini JimmysAnd boy do they love sandwiches. 


The Police

These men and women are the real MVPs!

Police officers holding Mini Jimmys


The Jimmy John's Rockstars

All of this fun is gonna get you hungry, and you might not want to leave the party. If that's the case these rockstars will save the day!

Jimmy John's employeeAnd let's be honest, the REAL real MVP might be bread.




So have fun, be safe, and enjoy the festivities!






Mini Jimmy-cation: New Orleans, LA


We're headed south to The Big Easy, the home of Jazz music and spicy food done right! ✈️


Here are a few places you have to visit, and what better time than right before Fat Tuesday?! 


1. Bourbon Street

If this is your first time in New Orleans you have to take a stroll down Bourbon Street. Grab a drink, eat a sammie, take a deep breath and relax. Well maybe not too deep of a breath...

Mini Jimmy box'll know what I mean when you get there.


2. Jackson Square

After you stroll down Bourbon, start walking toward the French Quarter and into Jackson Square. The square is surrounded by performers, fortune tellers, name it, they've got it!

Mini Jimmy boxBut hide your JJ's, I learned that the hard way.


3. Cafe Du Monde

Directly across from Jackson Square is Cafe Du Monde. Go there! If you haven't heard of it, you have now, and you won't forget it. The beignets are out of this world, and I've got a little pro tip for ya...

Mini Jimmy...order the coffee and dip my Triple Chocolate Chunk cookie in it. You won't regret it!


4. New Orleans City Park

Get away from the city for a bit and visit the City Park. It's the perfect spot for lunch, and it's super easy to find a secluded place to eat a whole 12 pack alone. 

Mini Jimmy

I'm just guessing.


5. Tulane University

If you have time, take a drive down Audubon Blvd toward Tulane's campus. Beautiful architecture lines the street and it runs right into the heart of campus!

JMini Jimmy

I spy a Mini Jimmy 👀 I wonder who put that there?




Anyway, have fun exploring NOLA! Come visit us here:

Map of Jimmy John's in New Orleans area

  1. 404 N. Carrollton Ave. New Orleans, LA
  2. 900 Poydras St. New Orleans, LA
  3. 600 Canal St. New Orleans, LA
  4. 7621 Maple St. New Orleans, LA
  5. 4301 Veterans Blvd. Metairie, LA
  6. 1000 South Clearview Pkwy Harahan, LA
  7. 1625 Barataria Blvd. Marrero, LA







Time for some racing 🏁


It’s no surprise we like fast things at Jimmy John’s, which is why sponsoring the greatest NASCAR driver in the world, Kevin Harvick, is a no brainer.

Tomorrow is the 59th running of the Daytona 500, which means it's officially NASCAR season! To celebrate, let’s take a quick walk to down NASCAR memory lane and get ready to rock out another season with the #4 car!

Kevin Harvick 2017 Jimmy John's Ford Fusion

JJ’s first joined the NASCAR family in 2007, becoming a sponsor for the Rusty Wallace Racing team; first with NASCAR legend Kenny Wallace and the #2 Busch Series car.

Kenny Wallace with the Jimmy John's #2 Car

and then Steve Wallace in 2008!

  Steve Wallace in the #66 Jimmy John's Car

We became a primary sponsor for Kevin Harvick in 2009!

Since then, Kevin has had 59 Top 10 finishes in the Freaky Fast™ car. Including his first Freaky Fast Racing win at the Auto Club 400 in 2011!

Kevin Harvick's first Freaky Fast win!

In 2014, we sponsored our first NASCAR Xfinity series race, the Freaky Fast 300 at Chicagoland Speedway. And of course, our main man, Kevin, got to celebrate in Victory Lane! 

Kevin Harvick in Victory Lane at the Freaky Fast 300

and that’s cool and all, but not as cool as winning the whole thing. In 2014, Kevin took home the Sprint Cup Championship trophy at Homestead!

Kevin Harvick 2014 Sprint Cup Champion


Now folks, it’s time for some racing! We hope we see lots of these this season! 👇


Respect your employees and they will respect you


Jimmy John's Employee

"Lead by example, that’s it. If your employees see you work, they will work. If they see you not working, they won’t work. If they see you have an attitude, they’ll have an attitude. If they see you treat a customer a certain way, they’ll treat a customer the same way. Respect your employees, and they will respect you. And once you earn their respect, don’t lose it."

-Shawn Lawrence, General Manger, Tallahassee, FL #170

Mini Jimmy-cation: Nashville, TN


Helloooo Music City, USA 🇺🇸 Another Mini Jimmy-cation comin' atcha!


Nashville is full of good music, good food, and good people! You can't beat it. So go on, explore! But before you get to exploring, here are a few of my favorite spots...


1. Broadway

Broadway is where it's at. You didn't visit Nashville if you didn't hit the bars on Broadway. Live music all day, everyday...soak it up!

Mini Jimmy boxAnd gimme a call if you need some grub to soak up all those drinks. JJ's delivers! 😎


2. The Johnny Cash Museum

Cash me ousside the Johnny Cash Museum 😏 While you're on Broadway, swing by the Johnny Cash Museum. Such a rockstar! What better way to immerse yourself in the Nashville culture?

Mini Jimmy box

I hear the locals eat a lot of JJ's, so that might be a good way too. 👍


3. Third Man Records

Speaking of music...Jack White's recording studio/record store combination is in Nashville! It's a hidden gem and worth the visit.

Mini Jimmy boxTell 'em Jimmy sent you! They probably won't know what you're talking about, but it'd be funny.


4. Parthenon

This is a full scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. It's located in Centennial Park near Vanderbilt's campus. So random, but so sweet!

Mini Jimmy box

It's the perfect place for a picnic. So, ya know, bring some lunch. 


5. I Believe in Nashville Sign

You'll find this mural right next to Antique Archaeology, another great spot! 

Mini Jimmy boxPlus, it's perfect for those Instagram photo shoots all you kids love so much. 📸




Go on! Show Nashville what ya got 🤗


Don't forget to visit us here:

Map of Nashville Jimmy John's

  1. 2318 West End Avenue Nashville, TN
  2. 207 3rd Ave South Nashville, TN
  3. 424 Church St. Nashville, TN
  4. 810 Gale Lane Nashville, TN
  5. 457 Donelson Pike Nashville, TN
  6. 15563 Old Hickory Blvd Nashville, TN
  7. 1592 Gallatin Pike North Madison, TN
  8. 101 Creekside Crossing Brentwood, TN
  9. 600 Frazier Drive Franklin, TN
  10. 203 N. Anderson Lane Hendersonville, TN
  11. 5013 Crossing Circle Mount Juliet, TN
  12. 900 Grammer Lane Smyrna, TN


Take care of your people


Jimmy John's Employee

"The Jimmy John’s brand is honest and it’s real. When you walk in, you’ll experience a clean store with a great group of people having a blast interacting with each other and our customers. A lot of our customers know the team by name and the team knows the customer by their favorite sandwich. That’s how we roll at Jimmy John’s.

I am an Area Manager and I love managing my team using the One Minute Manager. I think it’s brilliant. Right now, my managers and I are focused on managing consistently, creating a culture of positive reinforcement to produce the best results as a team! As much as I want our stores to succeed, I want our team to succeed. What’s most important to me is that our JJ’s family is doing well. If our people are taken care of, everything else will fall into place.”

-Guy Dupree, Area Manager, Houston, TX #2390



Love is in the air!


What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than gettin' hitched?!


I know, I know! Gettin' hitched AND having JJ's surprise cater. 😏

Mini Jimmys

Every year on this day couples elope, marry, renew vows, go on first dates, go on 2nd name it. Love is in the air! Today I was lucky enough to visit the Rhinestone Wedding Chapel in Nashville and spread some love. ❤️

Jimmy John's cookie box

Oh yea, Elvis was there too. 🎤


We had cookies instead of cake! (talk about a chocolate chunka burnin' love) 😉

Couple eating Jimmy John's cookies

Couple eating Jimmy John's cookies8

By the way, it's waaaay easier to clean cookie off of your face.


We didn't leave anyone out, Elvis got some love too!

Jimmy John's catering

And the officiant...

Man eating Mini Jimmy

Dude has good taste 😏


Thank you Brenda and everyone at the Rhinestone Chapel! You made my Valentine's Day the best one yet 😘


Sandwiches, because you can't eat flowers.


Valentine’s Day is in three days and if ya didn’t already know this, the best way to say I love you or I kinda like you, is with food. Obviously.

I’m just gonna cut to the chase, below are a few tips to help you seal the deal.


1. Send food instead of flowers. Flowers die and you can eat food. It’s a no brainer.

Girl holding Jimmy John's bag


2. Surprise them with a candy heart! But without the candy and with a whole lotta Jimmy John’s gift cards.

Jimmy John's Gift Cards

You can get rid of the candy however you’d like, but I suggest just eating it yourself. It’s a win, win!


3. If you’re dealing with someone who has a serious sweet tooth, get creative and make some yummy cookie hearts out of my Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

Jimmy John's Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies


4. And if you want to get really creative, try your hand at a sandwich bouquet.  It’s a bouquet. Made out of sandwiches.  If that doesn’t give you bonus points for the next 5 years, I don’t know what will. 

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches Valentine's Day Sandwich Bouquet


And of course, don’t forget a card. Arts & crafts time is always fun and putting in a little extra effort never hurts!

Jimmy John's Valentine's Card


Best of luck out there my friends and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mini Jimmy-cation: Glenwood Springs, CO


Winter is in full swing. Let's head to the mountains and enjoy the snow...


Glenwood Springs, CO we're comin' for ya! ✈️


1. Glenwood Canyon

As you approach Glenwood Springs on I-70, you'll drive right through Glenwood Canyon. It's a view worth stopping for!

Mini Jimmy box

It's a great place for a snack too.


2. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

This park is located above the city of Glenwood. Yes, ABOVE. Adventure Park has rides that will dangle you over the canyon, if that's something you're in to.

Mini Jimmy

I'm more of a sandwich guy, but ya know, different strokes for different folks. 🙃


3. Downtown Glenwood

Downtown has it all; a sweet comedy club, yummy ice cream shops, and you're very own locally owned JJ's!

Glenwood Springs, CO Jimmy John's

Stop by, and say hi to Jimmy John's owner Matt and the crew for me! 


4. Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake is about 20 minutes from Glenwood. It's a mile-long hike leading up to the lake and is well worth it! 

Mini Jimmys at Hanging Lake

I know what you're thinking, "Oh, a mile?! That's nothing!" You're wrong. This hike is uphill, the ENTIRE way. Don't underestimate the power of altitude. And bring some JJ's to comfort you!


Nothing motivates me more than a pack of Mini Jimmys.



Go on and make me proud! And don't forget to visit us here:

Map of Glenwood Springs, CO Jimmy John's

1. 1331 Grand Ave. Glenwood Springs, CO

Ride On


Jimmy John's employee

"I’m a Bicycle Delivery Driver for Jimmy John’s in Tucson, AZ, but my true love is cycling and backpacking, to wherever my heart takes me.

One trip to Southeast Asia stands out. I had loved my experience, but I was getting tired of the tropics. One day, I randomly went to an airline office and asked, ‘What’s the cheapest flight to Nepal?' It ended up being just about how much money I had, so three days later I flew to Nepal. Boom, completely unplanned. I’ve never done anything like that before. I biked a solo three-week trek through the Himalayas. I reached 17,769 feet, the highest that I’ve ever hiked! All along the way, prayer flags were strung along mountain ridges and peaks, blowing in the wind. Beautiful. I’d left long after the guided groups had left, so when I reached the top of the mountain pass, everyone had already gone down the other side. I stood there, completely alone, taking in the magnificent view. It was incredible!

On another trip, I cycled through Washington, Oregon, and California. After about 10 weeks I reached Mexico. I spent a little time sitting on the beach and then headed back to San Diego. After months of traveling, it was time to make some more money. I looked on Craig’s list for a warm location for the winter, so I could live out of my sleeping bag. I found an ad for ‘Bicycle Delivery Driver, Tucson Jimmy John’s.’ Hmm, I’ve got a bike and Tucson is warm, I can probably do that! Within an hour, I hitchhiked from San Diego to Phoenix, then caught another ride from Phoenix to Tucson. I found the store, filled out an application, talked with Paul, the hiring manager for a while, and he offered me a job! That was just over a month ago and I love that I get to ride my bike while earning some bucks!"

Rachael Mumdell, Bike Delivery Driver, Tucson, AZ #1180