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Mini Jimmy-cation: Tucson, AZ

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I'm 90% sure that wherever you are and whoever you are, you're ready for some sunshine right about now.


Peel yourself off the couch and away from that show you've been binge watching, because you deserve a Mini Vacay!


Tucson here we come! ☀️☀️☀️


1. Saguaro National Park

Face it, you need some fresh air and a good view to get you out of hibernation mode. Take a drive down Saguaro's curvy roads and soak up the open land for hours. 

Mini Jimmys

I promise you won't regret it, especially if you bring some tasty snacks along for the ride. 🙃


2. University of Arizona

Swing by the university, it's a beautiful campus with lots of smart people walking around. 

Mini Jimmy box

It's easy to spot the smart ones. They're usually carrying a box of these bad boys ^ 🤗


3. Sabino Canyon

This place is a cactus forest. 🌵 Everywhere you look...cactuses (that's how you say it, right?) It's unlike anything you've ever seen! 

Mini Jimmy

You could hike all day long, which is a great excuse to eat all day too!


4. Mt. Lemmon at Sunset

If you don't find yourself at the top of Mt. Lemmon by sunset at least once in your lifetime, you ain't doin' it right..

Mini Jimmy box

and if you don't have some JJ's with you too, you really ain't doin' it right. 


Enough talking about it, LET'S GO!



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Map of Tucson Jimmy John's locations


  1. 63 E. Congress St. Tucson, AZ
  2. 749 N. Park Ave. Tucson, AZ
  3. 2575 N. Campbell Ave. Tucson, AZ
  4. 910 W. Irvington Rd. Tucson, AZ
  5. 4356 N. Oracle Rd. Tucson, AZ
  6. 5411 E. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ
  7. 2485 N. Swan Tucson, AZ
  8. 6310 E. Tanque Verde Rd. Tucson, AZ
  9. 7350 N. La Cholla Blvd. Tucson, AZ