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Appetizers for the Game That Can't Be Named

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Sunday’s a pretty big day for two things: football and food. I’m not much of a sports dude, but I do know a thing or two about feeding people. While I might be the man behind the man behind the sandwich, my expertise doesn’t stop at sandwiches.

If you’re planning a party for the game that can not be named, check out some tasty recipes below, and good news, they all use yummy Jimmy John’s grub! 

Jimmy John's Appetizers


1. Jimmy John’s Day Old Bread Cheese Tray 

Feeling fancy but short on time? Grab a few cheeses to top some Jimmy John’s Day Old Bread (available at your local JJ’s until it’s gone!) and make yourself a super classy cheese tray.…well I mean, as classy as you can be while drinking beer and watching football.

Jimmy John's Day Old Bread Cheese Tray

This one has some delicious Goat Gouda, Rosemary Manchego, and Brie cheeses!


2. Jimmy John’s Oven Fried Pickle Spears

If you haven’t heard, Jimmy John’s Pickles are a pretty big dill 😏 and the only way to make them better than Mother Nature did is by covering them in carbs and dipping ‘em in ranch. (It’s true.)

Fried Pickles from Jimmy John's Pickle Spears

Grab a couple Pickle Buckets from your local JJ’s (each one has 16 spears) and check out this super easy but yummy recipe for Oven Fried Pickle Spears:


3. Day Old Bread Pizza

This one’s a classic that never fails. Everyone loves pizza, simple as that.

Jimmy John's Day Old Bread Pizza

All you need are a couple sticks of Day Old Bread, pizza sauce and your favorite toppings!


4. Buffalo Chicken Dip

It’s like buffalo wings but slightly less messy and you can use bread as a spoon. Doesn’t get better than that, my friends.

Jimmy John's Day Old Bread Buffalo Chicken Dip

Here’s how to make it: and don’t forget to grab some Day Old Bread to dip in it!


5. Spinach & Artichoke Day Old Bread

People love Spinach & Artichoke dip, but no one likes double dippers (keep that in mind next time you go in for seconds.) Here’s a way to curb the problem: stack your dip right on top of some Day Old Bread, pile it with cheese and bake!

Jimmy John's Spinach and Aritchoke Day Old Bread

It’ll make your heart and your tummy happy!


6. Triple Chocolate Chunk cheesecake bites

The name says it all and it’s alllllll delicious. You can use your favorite cheese cake recipe (or this one: just skip the crust and use Jimmy John’s Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies instead!

Jimmy John's Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie cheesecake bites


7. Jimmy John's 

If you just don’t feel like cooking, I’m here for ya. Grab a 12 or 24 pack of Mini Jimmys, some party platters or boxed lunches and you’re done!

  Jimmy John's catering spread