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Jimmy John's Pro Tips

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Wanna order Jimmy John's like the sandwich eating pro you are? Wanna pick up the cutie behind you in line? Wanna switch up your regular sandwich to retain a little ~mystery~? All the answers are below 👇

1. Let's start with the basics: LBI & TBO

Sub sammies (#1-6 & the JJBLT) automatically come with a little bit of your bread taken out. If ya want to keep all that yummy pillowy goodness, tell us LBI ( Leave Bread In). Club sandwiches  (#7-17 & the JJ Gargantuan) automatically come with all your bread left in, but if ya dig a little less, tell us TBO (Take Bread Out).

Voila! Pretty simple, eh?



2. Wanna kick your sammie up a notch? Tell us to Jimmy it Up and you'll get your sandwich just the way our founder JJ likes it- slathered in yummy Italian vinaigrette, onions, hot cherry peppers and oregano-basil. It's off the charts delicious! 

2 Jimmyd up


3. If you ever want to feed a family of 9 or host your own eating contest or if you're just really, really hungry, the Dubbugutbustah is exactly what you're looking for. It's just a fancy way to order two JJ Gargantuans that will make you look like a straight baller.



4. Your basic JJ Gargantuan comes with 5 meats, one cheese and loads of veggies. If you're feeling really hungry, the Noah's Ark is just what you're looking for. It comes with two portions of each meat. Get it?

Chuck Norris[1]


5. A Gargantuan with bacon and tuna sound delicious? You're gonna want a Chuck Norris. I think the name explains itself.


 With great knowledge comes great sandwich responsibility, use it wisely friends.