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May 2016

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Making an impact



"I want to make a lasting impact on the world, a good impact. It could be small or big, I just want to make a change while I’m here. I feel like I’ve made a small impact on some people’s lives within the company, like making them smile, but other people in Jimmy John’s have changed me for sure. I mean my area manager kind of took me in. I was able to start as a delivery driver and work my way all the way up to General Manager. It changed my life. I didn’t expect that to happen at Jimmy John's, but that’s just what Jimmy loves to do, isn't it?" 

- Matthew “Sunshine” Vogel, Rohnert Park, CA Store #9057 General Manager

Hard work can change your life


Photo Apr 07

"Jimmy totally has it right. We’ve got the coolest logos. We’ve got the best looking uniforms. I love this brand. Having employees come to me and say, ‘I’ve never worked anywhere longer than six months in my entire life. I love working for Jimmy John’s. I love my Jimmy job,’ that’s amazing. I never knew hard work would be the path that changed my life, and I did it." 

- Rachel Klukas Owner/General Manager, San Antonio, TX #2705

All in the family



"I said yes to this job because I felt something nice inside, and now I love this. My wife is a 1st assistant, my brother is a biker, my sister is a manager in training. Everyone started as inshop, with a little bit of hours and now it's our lifestyle. I like this and I think I'm doing a good job. I try to share the love with my team."

- Nicolas Acuna, General Manager, Quincy, MA #2850