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April 2016

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People are the best part




"The people are the best part. Everyone who works here is just really fun to hang out with. They’re always interesting, they always have something to tell, something that just makes my day. That’s always what I look forward to when I come into work. Why is it this way at JJ's? Not sure but I like it! - Kaz Makishima, 1st Assistant Manager, Rohnert Park, CA 


I Love Makin' it Happen


Photo Mar 31

"It’s the hardworking and fast paced culture I thrive in. I hold my teammates accountable for speed, I lead with speed, I hold my teams accountable to make it happen and that attracts people who want to lead, make it happen and make a difference. That’s what makes my team in Santa Rosa some of the best operators in the industry. I don’t plug people in, I set them up to win. I help them get there. I audit, I coach, I redirect. And then we share the profit. I love America, I love JJ's, I love makin it happen. 
- Jordan Rakes, Area Manager, Santa Rosa, CA