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January 2016

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Photo Jan 07, 7 30 36 PM

"I taught myself how to play poker and now I play all the time. Poker teaches you to have patience and to trust and believe in yourself. Even if I don't have a good hand, I can win a huge pot by making my opponent fold their hand. What does that take? It takes patience, it takes trusting myself. Trusting myself is something I also do with my job at Jimmy John's. I started as a driver 9 months ago. After a month I got promoted. Patience and trusting myself has worked for me."

- Ricky Rudisill, 1st Assistant, Huntington Beach, CA #3191

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Photo Jan 15

"I think this year our store went down as the #11 rated store in the nation. I run that store, I mean, I think that's pretty cool. Twenty-three years old...yeah...I'd take that as an accomplishment. Drew Brees is my owner. He throws a pretty good football, I run a damn good sub shop. I'd say Drew and I make for great partners. Thanks JJ, Thanks Drew!"

-Doug Harrington, General Manger, Metairie, LA #1653

Living Outside Your Comfort Zone


Photo Jan 08, 1 08 09 PM

"I work at Jimmy John's and I'm also a yoga instructor. I love teaching yoga, but I've always hated public speaking. I realized, 'Oh my God, I basically signed up to do that all the time, like why?' It's cool though, because I like doing things I didn't think I could do or I didn't want to do but working at Jimmy John's has forced me to speak when I normally wouldn't and this had made me a better person."

-Sarah Tomlinson, Sandwich Maker, Huntington Beach, CA #3191