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December 2015

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Life: Embrace it and it will provide you lemonade, fight it and it will give you lemons.


Photo Dec 11

"It makes me so proud watching my girls blossom into beautiful women. We've been through some rough times, we've struggled. They have come through, they have conquered the rough times. But it's like anything in life, there are always going to be struggles. There are struggles in this store everyday. Some are big and some are little and just the same thing when you have kids, when you're in a relationship, in any job...there are struggles. You just gotta have the fortitude to beat them."


- Sandra Superczynski, General Manager, Ellicott City, MD #2036

This is my family


Photo Dec 04, 12 56 17 PM


"I finished up college and I majored in Criminal Justice. A lot of people will ask me, 'You have a college degree, why are you here at Jimmy John's?' I'm here because I like this job. And now I have an MBA in business. They teach us to succeed here. I love this job. Which is obvious, I've been here since 2010.

This is my family."


-Vincent Jeffery, Inshop, Dallas, TX #1163

Yummiest Modified Monday's of 2015


Every week Jimmy John’s has a rockstar send in their JJ modified sandwich order and it’s posted for all to try. Making sandwiches your own is what we’re all about. Here is a list of some of this year's yummiest Modified Monday sammies. Enjoy and let us know your own Modified Monday sammie!


1. The Porky Hunter

 #10, add bacon, hot peppers, onions, dijon and extra, extra, extra sauce. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Chantel from Detroit, MI!

The Porky Hunter


2. Italian Fight Club

#5, add roast beef. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Nicholas Venecia from Vero Beach, FL!

Italian Fight Club


3. Turkey Tomalè

#4, EZ mayo, add hot peppers, dijon & oregano-basil with a side of jalapeño chips. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Tim Walsh from Brentwood, MO!

Turkey Tomale


4. The Hottie Tottie

 #9 on wheat, easy lettuce, add cucumbers, dijon, peppers and extra onions. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Sage Elliot from Salina, KS!

The Hottie Tottie


5. Babe 'n Nemo

#15, add cheese, bacon, dijon, & oregano-basil. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Andrew Donald from Mokena, IL!

Babe 'n Nemo


6. Ham Not-a-Pizza

#7, TBO, extra tomatoes, no mayo, no lettuce, add sauce, add oregano. S/o to JJ Rockstar Steven H. from Hazel Park, MI!

Ham Not-a-Pizza


7. Italian Beef Club

#10, add sauce, onion, oregano-basil and hot peppers. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Bennett Lees from Sammamish, WA!

Italian Beef Club


8. The Submarine

#3, EZ tuna, no tomato, add sprouts (where available, eat at your own risk)! Shout out to Self Magazine!

The Submarine


9. Ultimate Billy

#8, TBO, add bacon, sauce, oregano-basil, and onions. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Lathan Sullivan from Lincoln, NE!

Ultimate Billy


10. Garangatang 

Gargantuan on wheat, double meat, no tomatoes, add Dijon, hot peppers, and extra mayo. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Zach Frank from Colorado Springs, CO!



11. The Vito Salad

#5 unwich add extra lettuce and extra sauce. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Michelle Frazier from Champaign, IL!

The Vito Salad


12. The Nickster

JJBLT on wheat, easy cucumbers, add cheese, avocado, dijon, ez peppers, extra sauce and extra oregano-basil. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Nick Edwards from Vestal, NY!

The Nickster


13. French Dip

#14, no mayo, lettuce or tomato, add hot peppers, onions, cheese and extra sauce. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Erika Baker from Texarkana, TX!

French Dip


14. Cooke's Club

#2, add bacon, onions, hot peppers, sauce and oregano. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Jason Cooke from Hobart, IN!

Cookie Club


15. Lulu Salad

#16 unwich, no mayo, add sauce, peppers, oregano-basil, extra cucumbers & extra lettuce. s/o to JJ Rockstar Bobby Voss from Champaign, IL!

Lulu Salad


16. Hunter's Gut Buster

#10, TBO, add bacon, hot peppers and oregano-basil with a side of jalapeño chips. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Reggie Grimes from Nashville, TN!

Hunter's Gut Buster


17. The Gobbler 

#12, easy cheese, no cucumbers, add sauce and oregano-basil. Submitted by JJ Rockstar Gretchen Oswalt from Naperville, IL!