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September 2015

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People of Jimmy John's



Jackie: “We met at this JJ's 2 years ago and my co-worker didn’t like me. It took like half a year for her to warm up to me.”

Cindy: “I just didn’t know her yet! It was just weird, for a long time it was just me here working in the morning and then all of a sudden she came over. But then I got to know her and I really, really liked her. The main thing for me was that she was a good worker and she knew what she was doing.”

Jackie: "And now she wants me to live with her!”

Cindy: “Yes! I always tell her, 'Come to my house! Let’s do stuff.' I’m like her mom. I was just telling her the other day how funny it is that the whole story has changed. Friendship rocks!" 

-Jackie Hernandez & Cindy Sanchez, Chicago, IL #592

People of Jimmy John's



"I grew up on the south side of Chicago where l lived the upper side of poverty. With me busting my ass now, it just shows how far I can come. Being able to live on my own at twenty-one, everything life throws at me is on me, I don’t really get help from anybody. Jimmy John’s changed my life, and my direction, they are people who support me, and a company that helps me grow as far as I'm willing to take it. I’ve got so many great friends at work now. Jimmy John’s helped me turn my life around.”

    - Austin Stubner, First Assistant, Channahon, IL #537 

Time is money


Jimmy John's We save you time and money
The average wait time at Jimmy John’s is 2 minutes and 8 seconds*
Among Jimmy John’s key competitors, it’s 5 minutes 33 seconds* 
Every time we serve a customer in-store, we save America 3 minutes 25 seconds 
Our average store serves 180 customers a day** 
That’s 615 minutes saved per store 
x2,300 stores and counting
Equals 1,414,500 minutes saved per day
x365 days a year

That’s one heck of a lot of time saved each year for America!
*based upon Technomic Speed of Service Study, March 2015; Competitive Set: Fast Casual Restaurants.
**estimated number of in-store customers based upon daily aggregate, chain-wide transactions for stores using reportable POS system.

People Of Jimmy John's



"I like the Chocolate Chunk cookies and the free smells.”

-Kevin Harvick, Driver of the #4 Freaky Fast Chevy

People of Jimmy John's



Jimmy John's


"I love making perfect sandwiches, freaky fast, and I take pride in that. When I work hard it feels good and around here we get noticed for our effort and we get rewarded too. It’s like, these guys are freaking crazy and they love their job! I mean bust your tail and literally you get rewarded for it.”

- Josh Smith, 1st Assistant, #2670 Florence, AL 

People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar

“I’ve come a long way from where I started with Jimmy John’s and where I am now. The amount of hard work and dedication I put into Jimmy John’s makes me very proud, I never knew the empowerment that hard work would give me. I'm now in charge of my own destiny and not waiting for someone to do it for me. There’s a sign in the store that talks about hard work leading to success and that’s my favorite sign, it keeps me motivated. Thanks Jimmy John's!"

-Keaton Miller, Business Coach