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August 2015

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People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar

"I’ve worked for Jimmy John’s for 8 years, 2 months, 1 week and 1 day. I’m so happy where I’m at. I love the people I work with. Everyone is so friendly, and cool, it’s such a laid back environment. We're family here. That’s my favorite thing about Jimmy John’s, the friendships I’ve made here will be life long. Thanks Jimmy!”

- Irving Perez Inshop/PIC Hickory, NC #2327

Why Jimmy John's is your true college best friend


Maybe it's a stressful first week of classes or that crazy, random roommate that collects cow figurines, but something brings you together.



and before you know it, you’re bff's 5ever



You do everything together. From late night study sessions



to spending lazy Sunday’s together on the couch (and yessssss Netflix, I am STILL watching, so judgey)



You sneak him into that one lecture you suffer through alone, because 45 minutes is just too long



and you’ll have your first taste of sweet freedom with JJ’s by your side



He’s always down to party



and he’ll have your back when the next morning is rough and walking to your 8AM feels like a trip through Narnia.



When you’re out of meals on your plan and your roommate keeps “accidentally” eating all your food, he’s got you



and when break time rolls around, you’ll wonder how you’ll get by without him



but don't worry, you'll always be #reunited, and it'll feel soooo good



With the blink of an eye, college will fly by Freaky Fast, but don’t fret, your friend Jimmy will be right beside you.



Yeah, you'll miss him



but never forget that you'll always have your memories together



So basically....




People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar

"I like getting to know my coworkers and hearing their stories. Every store I’ve worked in across the country, everyone ends up working at Jimmy John’s for a different reason. Whether it’s working after high school, just earning an extra buck or this is your sole job and this is how you pay your bills. It’s always interesting to hear why people work here. And to see how many people actually enjoy working for Jimmy John’s versus other companies. There’s a lot of happiness and pride to be a Jimmy John’s employee, they tell us exactly what we need to do and we rock it out. It's fun."  

    -Julia Farnesi, Guerilla Marketer

Cam Newton sandwich shop selfie!


Jimmy John's Cam Newton

Happy National Twins Day!


Jimmy John's National Twins Day

People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar

 “My name is Troye Bulluck and I’m a sandwich maker at the JJ’s in Washington, DC. I had an idea to raise money for kids who are less fortunate and help them with food, health care and education. We started at zero and raised 10 thousand bucks, helping over 200 kids. It was really hard work and really satisfying. I’m very proud of our accomplishment, it was so worth it. Sincerely, Troye Bullock”