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September 2014

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Kansas City Royals Rockstar Jeremy Guthrie Loves the Double J!


Jeremy Guthrie

Jeremy Guthrie leads the team to victory (fueled by Jimmy John's) as the Kansas City Royals make the playoffs for the first time in 29 years!

Rockstar biker makes 1,000-mile trip


This Rockstar from Fort Wayne, Indiana gives new meaning to “going the extra mile.” 


JJ Bike Delivery Driver Eddie Ramos doesn’t own a car, but was still driven to participate in two marathons in Vermont. 

Wearing his JJ's swag, Eddie biked nearly 1,000 miles, (that’s about 100 each day), from Indiana to Vermont. The trip, which normally takes 13 hours by car, took him almost 2 weeks to complete.

As for fuel? Eddie dropped by a few JJ’s stores along the way.

Check out these pics from Eddie's trip:




Eddie's gotten tons of support and attention for pushin' the limit. Over $5,000 has been raised via an online campaign to help fund his trip, and the media has been all over his story. Check out this article and video from

And one more thing...


Eddie got a new pair of wheels from Jimmy for being a ROCKSTAR! 


Rock on Eddie!!


Thanks for the thanks Eddie!


Freaky Fast Car Wrap!