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May 2014

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Be careful what you ask JJ for, you might just get it


Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 8.37.56 AM

On Cinco de Mayo Jimmy did a Twitter Chat, answering tweets nonstop for over an hour with the hashtag #AskJJ. 

One Purdue student didn't know what to expect when she tweeted JJ asking for a menu board to make a beer pong table. Jimmy responded with "Come pick it up at the office and I'll have one for ya! JJ" Tiffany and her sister made the road trip to Champaign, IL from West Lafayette late last night, and were suprised with a legit Jimmy John's beer pong table, JJ swag and her favorite sandwich (#11 no tomato and mayo) and chips (BBQ) for the ride home. 


 Be careful what you ask JJ for, you just might get it!