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February 2014

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Jon Kaeding, a 14 year veteran of JJ’s sets the tone for rockstars all over the US of A. Jon spends his week as a Training Manager teaching trainees how to operationally be successful at Jimmy John’s!


When and where was your first job? My first job was when I was 15 at the Monticello Public Library.

How long have you worked at JJ's? I have worked at JJ’s for 14 years.

How did you get started at JJ's? Clint Joesting spent over a year recruiting me when I worked at Arby’s. He would come through the drive thru on a weekly basis and offer an interview each time. I stood him up a couple of interviews, but finally followed through with the offer when I had become burnt out at Arby’s. I had never eaten Jimmy John’s before and barely heard of the place, but needed a change. At the time we had no more than 50 stores chain wide and I was a little punk kid. How things have changed. 

What other positions have you had at JJ's? Assistant Manager, General Manager, and Training Coordinator.

What do you love most about your job? I love the challenge that Jimmy’s John’s brings every day.  I also love the impact that I have on students and knowing that I have played a role in future successes of not only the trainees, but also in laying the foundation of the brand and what makes us the best of the best. I love that this company is filled with people that desire success every day and instead of it feeling like a typical job it just feels like a group of people kicking ass and making phatty money in the process. I love that we are not corporate and keep the bullshit to zero.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? You really can get dehydrated in Arizona. Drink plenty of water.

What is your favorite JJ's sandwich? Club Lulu: No tomato/Extra mayo/ Cut in 1/2

 If you could describe yourself in a #hastag, what would it be? #TriforceGeek

Best advice to future JJ's Rockstars? Your customer is every person other than yourself. Take care of the brand and your customers and they will take care of you.. . and also, don’t waste energy questioning everything, just f*cking do it!



Kelly Baxter has been a JJ rockstar for over 6 years! Kelly has worked in Customer Service, Sales, and is now the Advertising Co-Op & PR Manager. This rockstar knows what it takes to be a part of a kick a$$ team! 



When and where was your first job? My first job was at McDonalds in Monticello, IL. I worked there during high school. I guess I’m meant for the restaurant industry. 

How long have you worked at JJ's? 6 years and 1 month

How did you get started at JJ's? I saw a job posting online for a customer service position at Jimmy John’s and it sounded like a good fit. I was fresh out of college and eager to get to work in the “real world.” Moving back in with my parents was not an option, so I had to find a job fast! I applied and was hired to work in the customer service department. The rest is history. 

What do you love most about your job? My fellow teammates. Everyone kicks some serious a$$.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? Don’t take feedback personally, people are trying to help you.

What is your favorite sandwich? #1, ez mayo, add cuc, cut in 1/2 please

If you could describe yourself in a #hastag, what would it be? #glasshalffull 

Best advice to future JJ Rockstars? Be humble and get over yourself. No task is too small for JJ Rockstars. Take the worst tasks for yourself and don’t underestimate Jimmy John’s! We perform at a level second to none. If you are willing to work hard we will find a place for you.




In the past five years Christine has worked as a Guerilla Marketing Specialist, a Training Manger, a Classroom Training instructor, and is now a Training Coordinator. Christine is a true rockstar! 

Christine Potthast

When and where was your first Job? 19 yrs. old I filed medical records at a doctors office in my home town. It was boring but I got to know some jucy info on everyone.

How did you get started at JJ's? My roomate talked to the director of Guerilla Marketing at a career fair and got the job. When I graduated I just needed something to make some money so I begged my friend to get me an interview. I did and five years later I'm still here! 

What do you love most about your job? The people I work with everyday. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? Your words are more powerful than you know. 

What is your favorite JJ's sandwich? #9 Unwich ez mayo ez peps add dijon 

If you could describe yourself in a #hashtag, what would it be? #sass

Best advice to future JJ Rockstars? Hard work pays off. 

Jimmy John's Samples Even in the Snow!



Best Valentine's Delivery Ever



This dude rocks! Asked Jimmy John's to deliver flowers and chocolates with a sandwich to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day, and we did!!!!