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January 2014

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Jimmy John's and Chive On!


The Chive featured Jimmy John's in their Daily Afternoon Randomness. What's random about being awesome?

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.22.55 AM


The Next Jimmy John's Idol



Check out this rockstar from the Austin, MN JJ's! This chic can sing! 

Best No Soliciting Sign Ever



Sweet Shot Land's Drexel Student a Year of JJ's


Check out this video of the Drexel University Jimmy John's Shootout Competition. How's that for sandwich excitement?


Meet a Rockstar: Jenna Byrne


Meet Jenna Byrne, Franchise Sales Rockstar who started working at Jimmy John’s 4 years ago. Formerly a Guerrilla Marketer and Marketing Hotline Specialist, Jenna now meets with potential franchisees and works with exisiting franchisees on their growth plans. Check out her rockstar story:

Jenna Byrne

When and where was your first Job? Lifeguard at the Oak Park Country Club

How did you get started at JJs? I had a friend Mike Monier who was a Guerrilla Marketer tell me how fun his job was. It seemed right up my alley so I sent in my resume and interviewed shortly after.

What other positions have you had at JJs? Guerrilla Marketer, Marketing Hotline Specialist

What do you love most about your job? Meeting new franchisees and spreading the JJ love.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? Bob Norman told me he heard a panel of our franchisees speak and give advice to newer franchisees. On the panel, Dan Vansteenburg’s advice was about how important it is to always serve others. That stuck with me. I know now how important it is to serve others first. Serve your customers, serve the franchisees, and serve your friends and family.

What is your favorite JJ's sandwich? Slim 1 with bacon

If you could describe yourself in a #hashtag, what would it be? #spunkybada$$

Best advice to future JJ Rockstars? My advice would be to always work hard & bring energy to everything you do in life and at JJ's. The harder I worked, the luckier I got!

Rockstar Delivery Driver's First Music Video



Woody Fox, 11 yrs old from Milwaukee, stops eating his JJ’s to jam his bass!!!