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December 2013

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Santa Needs Lovin' Too!



Meet a Rockstar: Megan Cowie


Megan began job hunting a year ago after college. She reached out to a friend who was a road warrior for Jimmy John's and learned what being a Guerilla Marketer was all about. During her interview for the Guerilla Marketing position, it was clear that Megan would be a great fit for the Construction team, but she rocked it out on the road before becoming the Store Design Specialist that she is today. Here is Megan's story:


When and where was your first job? Sophomore year of high school as a cake decorator at Dairy Queen in my tiny hometown

What do you love most about your job? The people. I am always laughing and having a good time with my coworkers. Being surrounded by such friendly and helpful people makes work even more enjoyable! 

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? Don't sweat the small stuff - life is going to be stressful and that's not necessarily a bad thing! Everything always works out in the end.

What is your favorite JJ's sandwich? Slim 3 on wheat

If you could describe yourself in a #hashtag, what would it be? #ginger

Best advice to future JJ's Rockstars? Be a genuinely nice person. You never know when a friendly smile or nice gesture could lead to something truly great!

Bridal Party Takes A Freaky Fast Break With Some JJ's!



Meet a Rockstar: Nathan Louer


7 1/2 years ago, Nathan was finishing his degree at the University of Illinois, when he saw a poster in the advertising department office recruiting for Guerilla Marketers. He emailed the Director of Guerilla Marketing regarding the job, and insisted on going to the Corporate Headquarters to drop off his resume. But there was an issue - they were only hiring 8 Guerilla Marketers and all the slots were filled. While he waited for a spot to open up, he worked at a Jimmy John's shop in Champaign to learn the ropes and earn some much needed cash while finishing school. A couple of months later, a position on the Guerilla Marketing team opened up. Nathan finished his last class at the U of I on a Friday and started training that following Monday. Today there are almost 100 Guerilla Marketers on the team and Nathan has worked his way up from Inshop & Delivery Driver to Guerilla Marketer, Marketing Projects Coordinator and now is a rockstar Co-Op Advertising and PR Manager. Check out Nathan's story: 


When and where was your first job? Laying wood and tile floors in the summer of 2000

What do you love most about your job? Because of my job I have confidence in myself and my abilities - I was not always like this

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? Be patient, you can only control one thing, and that is how you perform at your job. So...control what you can and let everything else fall into place.

What is your favorite JJ's sandwich? 16 TBO, ez mayo, add cucs, and if I'm feeling crazy I'll add avo

If you could describe yourself in a #hashtag, what would it be? #stayhungry

Best advice to future JJ's Rockstars? Completely own and excel at every single thing you do at Jimmy John's - from cleaning the kitchen, doing DBL's in the store, working with co-workers and franchisees, responding to people as quickly as possible, keep your desk clean, keep your car clean, and you must own your mistakes which we all inevitably make. Take pride in everything you do and do it 110%


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