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November 2013

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Meet A Rockstar: John Fencyk


Meet John Fencyk, a rockstar who has been at Jimmy John's for 13.5 years. He got his start as a Driver, Inshopper, PIC, 1st & 2nd Assistant & General Manager at Jimmy John's. Now John rocks out as an Area Manager in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, MI overseeing daily operations of 4 of JJE stores. Here is his rockstar story:


 When and where was your first job? 1999 at the Packard store.

What do you love most about your job? Hiring young kids as delivery drivers/inshoppers and watching them develop and grow into managers, guerilla marketers and coaches in our company.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? How to be very efficient with my time.

What is your favorite JJ's sandwich? #1 Pepe, add onion

If you could describe yourself in a #hashtag, what would it be? #gogetter

Best advice to future JJ's Rockstars? Do your work and put the time in and you will be rewarded.

Today I Tried the Garg


I don’t know about you rockstars, but I’ve always wanted to face the challenge of eating a J.J. Gargantuan. Now that I’m part of the JJ team, I had to do it!

One thing for sure, the Garg is huge! I felt my eyes widen as they handed me my perfectly wrapped giant sandwich, which, by the way, weighed a TON! Lemme tell ya, that sandwich could feed a family of four. Good thing I was hungry!

The Garg is packed with 5 different meats, provolone cheese, tons of yummy veggies, mayo and Italian dressing. The bread can mostly keep it all together, but that starts to change as soon as you take a bite. Here are some tips I came up with on how to eat a Garg:

1. Cut it in half
Like I said, this sammie is HUGE, so it helps to cut it down a bit!

2. Eat it sideways
Eating the Garg normally causes some of the delicious insides to fall out. Eating it sideways keeps em all in!

3. Ask for extra napkins
The Garg is a pretty messy sammich to chow down on. Extra napkins is definitely a must!

If you're already a Garg lover and need a bigger challenge, ask for the Dubbuhgutbustuh! (It's a secret menu item and consists of not one, but two Gargs. Now you're in the know!)


Meet a Rockstar: Jeff Schieffer


Meet Jeff Schieffer, a Graphic Design rockstar who has been at Jimmy John's for 7 years. He got his start as an inshopper, driver, sampler & PIC at Jimmy John's while going to college at Purdue. Now Jeff and the graphic design team rock out Jimmy's ads, POP kits, and anything and everything that has a Jimmy John's logo on it. Here is his rockstar story:


When and where was your first job? My first job was in 1999 working as a corn detassler in Kokomo, IN. 

What do you love most about your job? I love that I get to learn and do something new everyday. 

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? Lottery numbers

What is your favorite JJ's sandwich? #7, no tomato, add Dijon

If you could describe yourself in a #hashtag, what would it be? #moviebuff

Best advice to future JJ's Rockstars? Always work your hardest! You never know who could be watching and what opportunites they could bring.

60 Seconds With a JJ Bike Delivery Driver


Being a Jimmy John’s Delivery rockstar has its challenges. Not everyone can master freaky fast delivering, especially on a bike! I had to find out for myself what it’s like to be a JJ Bike Delivery Driver, so I met up with one of the best in the area. Meet Alex Voitik, Bicycle Delivery rockstar in Champaign, IL!


ImageAlex Voitik


How did you get started at JJ’s?
I knew a guy on my cycling team who worked for JJ’s. He was leaving so I took over his shifts for him.

What made you want to be a JJ bike delivery driver?
In the words of Gene Hackman, “I was broke. And I got kicked out of my hotel.” I was already a cyclist, and my friend who I replaced spoke highly of the job. It was a natural fit.

What is your favorite part about being a bike delivery driver?
So many things…trudging through a foot of snow when cars are getting stuck, cruising around town on those rare September afternoons when the sun is warm, the air is cool, and there’s no wind, people freaking out when I arrive in minutes. I guess paying the bills by riding is my favorite part.

Favorite JJ’s sub?
#14 Bootlegger set up as a Vito

Any advice for future JJ bike delivery rockstars?
Sure, lots of it. Gears are faster than singlespeed. Single speed is faster than fixed. Fixed is faster when it's cold enough for freewheels to freeze. People love the jersey. Always stay late if things are crazy. Messenger bags are faster than backpacks. Cycling shorts (or, better yet, bibs) under your jeans are better than anything (including nothing). Fenders are faster. Hand built wheels and flat resistant tires are worth the investment. Higher volume tires are awesome. Assume every driver is going to make the worst possible decision. Pace yourself. Keep a rain jacket in the bag. Don't ever quit mid-shift because it's raining. Clipless pedals are faster. Bells and/or squeaky horns are not faster, but they're awesome enough to make up for it. Not locking the bike is faster, but losing the bike is slower. Keep things in perspective.

Bicycle delivering ain’t for the faint hearted, but it sure sounds cool doesn’t it?

Do you have what it takes?


Celebs Love JJ's!


Spotted! Everyone loves celebrities, but check out these celebs that love the Double J! (I mean, how could they not?!)


482612_10151704386686096_470746871_nWillie Robertson
Duck Dynasty’s Duck Commander grabbin’ a sub. I wonder if he got a Hunters Club?


Shaq at Orlando JJ's

Shaquielle O’Neal
NBA Legend and our tallest fan!


The famous rapper gettin’ his JJ’s fix…he can have whatever he liiiiiike!


Paul Soter
The Super Troopers star with a JJ employee. Meow that’s a great photo!


Kid Rock
Two rockstars—Kid Rock and Jimmy give a thumbs up!

JJ’s loves celebs, so if ya spot one at your local JJ’s, snap a pic and share it on our Facebook page!

Peace, Love, and Celebrities!


Meet a Rockstar: Kyle Didomenico


Meet Kyle, Jimmy John's rockstar Apprenticeship Coordinator. He started as a Training Manager 2 years ago, after finding the position on a job search website. He made the leap of faith to drive over to Champaign, IL from Ohio, and the interview sealed the deal. After kicking butt as a Training Manager, Kyle became JJ's Apprenticeship Coordinator where he schedules, assists and audits both new franchisees and Jimmy John's new hires across various departments in a 4 week management program once they have completed their initial training. He ensures that all new hires can make a perfect sandwich and know what it takes to run a store. He also spends a good amount of time people-watching in the airport! This is Kyle's Rockstar Story: 


When and where was your first job? I dragged and lined little league baseball fields for the summer after my Junior year of High School in Worthington, OH. It was 2005, I did it as a favor for my Math teacher.

What do you love most about your job? Working with the mentor stores, an elite group of franchisees who run the best stores in the country all while finding time to help train new operators how to do it on their own. I love walking into these stores to find people I have trained before catching their staff doing things right and making the day of their customers. I love that I can wear jeans and a polo to work every day.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? I wish I knew how to pack a suitcase effectively. Expensive shoes are worth it if you are comfortable...If you look good you feel good. If you feel good you play good. 

What is your favorite JJ's sandwich? #5 Unwich, add dijon and hot peppers

If you could describe yourself in a #hashtag, what would it be? #bringthefunk

Best advice to future JJ's Rockstars? Wear sunscreen.


Jimmy John's Top 5 Favorite Halloween Costumes


5. What does the fox say? Don't touch my Jimmy John's!


4. Babies look even cuter when they're wrapped up as sandwiches. 


3. A Subman costume is great, especially inside a Jimmy John's. 

2. Dressed as a Jimmy John's sandwich while eating a Jimmy John's sandwich? #dedication  1a284e7e426511e39fa922000a1f8feb_8
And our #1 favorite costume this Halloween is...
1. Keelan Harvick's lion costume. It really doesn't get any cuter than this folks: