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September 2012

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College GameDay's Lee Corso Loves the JJ


Lee Corso stopped by the Tallahassee Jimmy John's and ordered a #11 with extra mayo! You rock Lee!


How many stars are on the JJ Party Cup? #JJPartyCupChallenge


Answer to last week's Challenge "How many times does it say Jimmy John's": 14

Congrats to Gina Howard, Jolene DelPozo, John Little, Chad Hamlett, Nathan Naber, Amanda Banda and Jacob Bakujklueber for guessing the right answer! 

If you know how many stars are on the JJ Party Cup, comment on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter, or comment right here on this blog post! Good luck!

JJ Party Cup Challenge



Ok you Party Smarties, grab your JJ Party Cup (if you don't have one, ask for it with your next order!) and get ready for the first Party Cup Challenge: How many times does it say Jimmy John's on the cup?

Check back for the answer this Friday, and get ready for a new JJ Party Cup Challenge Question!