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May 2012

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Jimmy John's Freaks out One Millionth Facebook Fan!


On May 2nd at 8:09pm, Ashlee Sperry was taking a break from studying for finals at Purdue University and decided she was getting a little hungry. While checking out Facebook, she noticed a link to "like" Jimmy John's Facebook Page in her news feed. Jimmy John's sounded tasty at the time, so she "liked" the page. Little did she know, Ashlee was the one millionth person to like Jimmy John's Facebook page. 

Jimmy John's freaked Ashlee out with $1000 in Jimmy John's gift cards, and a box full of JJ t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other sweet swag. 


More about the Millionth Facebook Fan:

JJ: How long have you been a fan of Jimmy John's?

Ashlee: I have liked Jimmy John's since the first time I had it and I believe that was when I was in middle school. The first one around my home town opened up near my aunt's house, we went for lunch one day and that was the start to my Jimmy John's experience!

JJ: What is your favorite JJ's sub?

Ashlee: My favorite sub is either the Beach Club or the Hunters Club...I can't make a choice!

JJ: What was your first thought when you found out you were Jimmy John's Millionth Facebook fan?

Ashlee: I thought it was a joke when I found out. Once I called, that is when it really sank in and I was pretty excited!

JJ: What do you plan on doing with your twenty $50 JJ gift cards?

Ashlee: With my gift cards, I am giving a total of 8 away to some of my family members, keeping 2 for myself and giving the other 10 gift cards to families from my home church, Grace Baptist Church in Portage, IN, that are going through rough financial times and could use help anywhere available. It's not much but it will give them a little treat if they can't afford to get Jimmy John's because of financial troubles. I am so blessed to be part of such a great church back home who supports me in any way they can and I just want to say "thank you" by giving back a little extra when I can.

JJ personally delivers the love to Holland today!! Damn we deliver!!



What do you think Brock Lesnar would order from Jimmy John's?


WWE star Brock Lesnar stopped by Jimmy John's today in Minot, North Dakota. We asked our Facebook fans what they thought he ordered, and here are the top 10 answers!


10. What didn't he order?

9. One of everything

8. 30 piece party platter

7. 8 bottles of water, 5 cookies, 3 tuna sandwiches and 20 bags of chips

6. The Chuck Norris

5. The left side of the menu

4. Hunter's Club

3. #9 extra peppers

2. A Knuckle Sandwich

1. Gargantuan, triple meat!