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January 2012

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How to Celebrate a Birthday the JJ Way


Step 1 - Have your co-workers save Jimmy John's lunch boxes for several months.

2 Jimmy Johns


Step 2 - Get the attention of the birthday chic by strategically placing a Jimmy lunch box her office door.

1 Patti's Door

Step 3 - Use the boxes to spell out "HAPPY B-DAY" on the walls of her office. Decorate with menus and napkins, and watch in glory as your co-worker freaks out! 

4 B-Day


Step 4 - Order Jimmy John's for lunch and party on!!!

Oh ya, these beats make me hungry!



Jimmy John's Hair Cut


A General Manager at a Springfield, MO Jimmy John's made a bet with his team that if they all scored 100% on their sandwich test that he would get the Double J shaved in his hair. Looks like he "lost" and the team won. Kudos to the crew, you rock!

2012-01-04 12.33.23 

Google Zeitgeist 2011: How the world searched


Google released their yearly Zeitgeist, meaning "the spirit of the times". Jimmy John's is the 7th "Fastest Rising Food & Drink" in the world, and 9th most searched Restaurant in the U.S.

Fastest Rising in Food & Drink:

  1. Wendys
  2. Just Eat
  3. Little Caesars
  4. Chick Fil A
  5. Allrecipes
  6. 食べログ
  7. Jimmy Johns
  8. Buffalo Wild Wings
  9. Popeyes
  10. Cupcakes

It's no surprise that "Rebecca Black" & "iPad2" made the fastest-rising list for 2011, but just for fun, check out some of Google's 'Quirky' top searches:

Fastest Rising Costume:

Last year it was Snookie, this year it's Angry Birds!

Fastest Rising Dance Move:


Last year folks were teaching us how to Dougie, this year it's the Wobble Dance!

Fastest Rising Image Search:


Planking! Where have you planked?

Find the complete list here!