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December 2011

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Brock Lesnar: UFC 141 Interview


         caught up with Brock Lesnar to talk about his holiday season, his health and his training for UFC 141.

It's been a busy time for you with interviews and fight preparations. Is it cutting into your holiday shopping?

Brock Lesnar: Yeah, I'm a big shopper.


Are you actually? What kind of gifts are you buying this holiday season?

BL: I let the wife handle all that. I kind of just embrace the whole spirit of the holidays without reaching into my wallet.


I guess when you do go, nobody is going to run you over for that last Xbox.

BL: No, that won't happen. I don't do much holiday shopping.


Is your holiday's gift for Alistair Overeem a knockout loss for him?

BL: Ha -- yeah, for sure. I'll take that one. Absolutely. I'm really excited. It's been a long time coming here, and, you know, after all the bullsh*t I've been through, it feels good to just do what I want to do with my life -- and that's fight. And so it feels great to pretty much be done with a good training camp. I've got a couple of weeks left with a few workouts here and there, but the old saying "the hay is in the barn," and we're going to go paint some wagons on December 30th.


Watch Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem on Dec. 30th at 10pm EST on pay-per-view. Find out how to watch here


Special Delivery: Bread Box Babies!


What's smaller than a bread box and cute as a button? Twins Josephine and Vivienne, America's Favorite Sandwich Delivery Babies!



Why do you love Jimmy John's?


We asked our Facebook fans to upload a photo showing why they love Jimmy John's. Below are some of JJ's biggest fans! If you wanna chance to be featured on, upload your photo to Jimmy John's Facebook page! 

Kate Hoffman - "I love Jimmy John's because it pretty much got me through college! lol"


Allen LaWalter - "This is why I love Jimmy John's!! Kevin Harvick beating Mr. Five Time Champ Jimmie Johnson at the line!"


Will Lambdin - "I love Jimmy John's because you're freaky fast, but the Happy Harvick Hotel is proof of my love."


Marta Vitolins - "I love Jimmy John's because, per my request, they drew the duck on the bag. Whoo!"


Jessica Stuart - "When JJ's opened in Bellingham, WA I HAD TO go on opening day! I am most likely Bellingham JJ's biggest fan! I skipped a meeting just to be there at opening and barely got my daughter to preschool on time! I was the 4th customer! Ever since my first JJ's experience when I lived in Chicago I have to have it. So glad you opened one in the PNW!"

Top 10 Funny Christmas Photo Captions


We asked our Facebook fans to use their creativity to come up with a funny caption for this photo: 


Out of almost 600 entries, here are the top 10 captions that received the most "likes": 

10. Nevermind the milk & cookies…

9. We woulda been here faster Santa but we got behind a slow moving sleigh on our way in to the North Pole

8. "Ho! Ho! Ho! You guys are fast. I've been looking for some new employees" Santa turns and looks at Rudolph.

7. Santa asking about your 'freaky-fast' secrets!!

6. Ho, ho, ho-ly smokes that was fast!

5. Breaking News…In an unprecedented news conference, Santa Claus announced he officially sent the eight magical reindeer into retirement. The Christmas Eve delivery duties will now be handled by 2 Jimmy John's drivers. Claus was quoted as saying, "My team of elves can still make toys with the best of them, but that one night of delivery is a killer."

4.  Hurry up with that camera, you're slowing down our delivery time!

3.  Just in the Nick of time.

2. Jimmy John's - Even faster than Santa.

And the #1 funny photo caption is...

1. Santawich


Check 'em all out on Jimmy John's Facebook Page


Kevin Harvick Finishes 3rd in NASCAR's Chase For The Sprint Cup




Kevin Harvick was honored at the Sprint Cup Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas, as the 3rd place finisher in NASCAR's Chase for the Spring Cup and the final points standings. "We had an OK year," Harvick said in Las Vegas. "When you look at the results we have had over the last couple of years, they've been good, but in the end we are here to win championships and do the things that it takes to do that."

UFC Fighter Tony Ferguson Thinks JJ's is Better Than Gold!