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August 2011

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Dude Orders a 19 Dollar Sandwich!


19.00 dollar sandwich-JJ1142 Dayton #2, OH
Dang, this dude was huuuuuuungry!!!

Swift Meets Freaky Fast!


Taylor Swift gives a big thumbs up with the founder of her favorite on-the-road pitstop sandwich shop, Jimmy John!


Jac Vanek Gets her #6 Fix on Warped Tour


Meet Jac Vanek, JJ Twitter follower, clothing designer and all around cool chic traveling on the Van's Warped Tour. Jac tweeted @jimmyjohns her goal of tracking down every JJ's while on tour: 


As Jimmy John's social media intern I may not be able to sponsor Jac's life, but I can definitely help a girl get her #6 fix! I tweeted Jac all of the JJ's along the Warped Tour, and during the first 47 days of the tour she's hit up JJ's at least 30 times! (Of course it helps when you beg your 69,000 Twitter followers to bring you a sammie...) Keep lovin’ the JJ Jac, cuz the JJ loves you!


Best buds Jac, Kelly & Nicole in front of the love of their life: Jimmy John's!

How many times have you visited Jimmy John's this summer? Let me know at or @jjsintern!  ~ Kamerin

Harvick and JJ's Finish 11th at Brickyard 400



Jimmy John's So Fast You'll Freak™ Racing in Indy!


The #29 Jimmy John's team's creativity with the cowl cover. 

Kevin "Happy" Harvick is still smilin'!