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Sigma Sigma Jimmy: Greeks Love the JJ!

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Hey, it's JJ's Intern, Kamerin! When asked what my favorite sandwich is, I always say "Sorority Style": #4, no mayo, no sprouts. If you couldn't guess, I'm a sorority girl at the University of Illinois. Seriously, what sorority girl wouldn't want a killer turkey sammie made on tasty bread that's under 1 gram of fat?

Here are some reasons why my Greek friends love the JJ:

In case you missed Jimmy John's "The Truth" series, check out episode 2. The Whatever Hollywood girls visit my friends at Sigma Chi, and it'll give you an idea of how important Jimmy John's is to college survival! 


Bottom line is, Greeks love the Jimmy! If your Greek house is addicted to Jimmy John's, let me know at Jimmy John's Facebook or tweet me @jjsintern! 

Kamerin - The Intern