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June 2011

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ESPN Fanwiches: Thanks for voting for the JJ!!


Hey guys! It's Kamerin, JJ's intern! 

Jimmy John's was recently entered in a killer ESPN Fanwiches Competition, a way for Facebook fans to “crown the greatest sports sandwich”. A JJ fan submitted the Beach Club, and out of 194 sandwiches, our sammie ranked 10th with 576 fans! Although I'm not really sure how the Packers inspired the #12, thanks to all the frequent freaker seekers that voted for the JJ!

Screen shot 2011-06-13 at 3.23.45 PM

The top 3 sandwiches included everything from fried cheese and onion rings to a sandwich that’s conquered over 100 challengers. If you were thinking about trying to eat all of the top 3 sandwiches at once, you’d be consuming 8 different kinds of meats and 6 different kinds of cheeses!!! 

Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 9.40.26 AM
If you could pick one sandwich to be your ultimate sports sammie at Jimmy John's, what would it be? A few dudes you might’ve heard of, Drew Brees and Charles Barkley, dig the #9 Italian Night Club, while Kevin Harvick digs a #10 with no tomatoes. Let me know what your ultimate sports sammie is on Jimmy John's Facebook Page or tweet me @jjsintern! 


"Modern Family" Star Eric Stonestreet Shares the Love on Jimmy John's Facebook!!





Freaky Fast Social Media on $1 Sub Day


UnknownAs JJ's social media intern for the summer, I am so excited to write my first official blog posting. Part of what I love so much about the internship is the chance to show you an insider's look to everything Jimmy John's.

I'm dedicating my first post to the Chicagoland Customer Appreciation Day that was held Thursday, June 9th from 11-3. For those of you that have never experienced these killer events, I'll give you a brief rundown: Customer Appreciation Day thanks JJ's customers for their biz by treating them to a tasty $1 sub.

163 Jimmy John's from the Chicago area participated in the event, and word spread like wildfire through the social media world. Jimmy John's was even trending on Twitter! During the event, I answered over 100 Facebook comments, tweeted so fast I freaked and made some friends and followers along the way! 




Thanks to all of the rock stars that have reached out and asked me questions so far. Got a $1 sub story of your own, or wanna let me know how much you love the JJ? Give me a shout out on JJ's Facebook Page or tweet me @JJsIntern! ~ Kamerin (JJ's Intern)




Shaq Attacks a JJ's Sub in Orlando!