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November 2010

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Get your Tummy Talkin'!!!


Screen shot 2010-11-19 at 10.28.57 AM

Send a message to your pals with Jimmy John's Talkin' Tummies app! Choose one of JJ's four killer tummies, or film your own tummy talkin'!

Thank you folks for submitting a rhyme! Bummer man, we're out of time! Congrats to all who won 100 Bone$ & a Dime!



THE TRUTH IS FINALLY REVEALED!! Find out why Jimmy John's is so addictive!



Hot on the trail of the truth! Check out Episode 6 of Jimmy John's: The Truth




Are employees making Jimmy John's sandwiches addictive?


3 city chics get down on the farm in search for the truth!


The mission to find the truth continues!


Is Jimmy John's addictive to everyone? Find out here!


Suri, Apple & Shiloh continue their search for the truth at a fraternity. Is Jimmy John's addictive to everyone, or just the girls? 

Why is Jimmy John's so addictive? Discover the truth here!


Suri, Apple & Shiloh crashed the Jimmy John's Convention and made a kick butt music video called "Get Your Sandwich On" in the JJ Roadtrip Series. The girls are back and on a new mission: to find out what makes Jimmy John's sandwiches so tasty and addicting! Check out Episode 1 of Jimmy Johns: The Truth!

JJ Fan Dresses as a #12 for Halloween!



Maria Bye loves Jimmy John's so much that she decided to go as a #12 Beach Club for Halloween. Everyone at the party left hungry.