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October 2010

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100 BONE$ & A DIME for your best Jimmy John's Rhyme!


Sorry, this contest has ended.

The Down Low:

Psssssst...its Jimmy! I need help from my frequent freaker seekers. I've got a killer contest for all you tongue-in-cheekers. I started rockin' out sammies in 1983. They sold for 2 bone$ and a dime you see. My first ad I wrote back at that time, is what I like to call a Jimmy-Rhyme: 

"No zits, no pits, no day old bread. No grease no fries, great subs instead."

I'm still rockin' out sammies after 27 years, and I think it's about time to switch gears. 

If I dig your original Jimmy-Rhyme, I'll give you a gift card worth 100 bone$ and a dime. A Jimmy-Rhyme ain't fancy, just short and sweet. Make me laugh, make me smile, make me wanna eat! It's only 2 to 4 lines, so don't be shy. Tell all your pals and give it a try!


Fan's homemade Jimmy John's commercial, made with love!



Jimmy John's Sandwich Makers Blew Away the Competition


"Nasty" Nate Biller, Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti competed last weekend in the Jimmy John's Freaky Fast Sandwich Makers vs. Eaters Contest at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, TX. The 5 minute contest began as soon as Jimmy John's sandwich makers had a sandwich in front of each eater. Jimmy John's rocked out 23 sandwiches and the eaters downed a total of 17.



Dallas SMEC 014 

Dallas SMEC 007 

Dallas SMEC 011


"The Social Network" star Jesse Eisenberg spotted at Jimmy John's!



Screen shot 2010-10-01 at 2.26.43 PM
Jesse Eisenberg was spotted getting a freaky fast lunch at JJ's recently. Check out Eisenberg in his new movie "The Social Network" as he plays Facebook's creator Mark Zuckerberg! Wonder if he knows you can order delivery on Jimmy John's Facebook page?