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July 2010

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Facebook Picture of the Day


Facebook fan writes: "So last Friday Proex Portrait Studio in Woodbury MN hosted "Facebook Friday" and guess who was there handing out sandwiches? Jimmy John's! I was so excited I had to have my pic taken with the delivery guy! It's amazing! Thanks Jimmy John's and Proex Portrait Studio for making my Friday!"

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Brock Lesnar loves the JJ!



Jimmy John's Sandwich Makers Beat the Eaters!



Watch Jimmy John's freaky fast sandwich makers beat the top-ranked competitive eaters! 

Drew Brees Tweets, Eats & Signs Some Books

Drewbreestwitter   38406_984354398965_23403567_54453594_2175069_n

                                          Screen shot 2010-07-26 at 10.51.29 AM

Tweet of the Day



Sandwich Makers vs. Eaters


Joey Chestnut, Ben Monson and Erik Denmark will be competing in the Jimmy John's Freaky Fast Sandwich Makers vs. Eaters Contest at 2:00pm on Saturday, July 17. The competition will pit seasoned professional eaters against Jimmy John's speedy sandwich makers in a face-off to see who is the fastest. 

Meet the Eaters:



World Ranking: 1  
Hometown: San Jose, CA 
Age: 25 
Weight: 230 lbs 
Records: 8.8 lbs Deep Fried Asparagus - 10 minutes 
7.5 lbs Buffalo Chicken Wings - 12 minutes 
182 Chicken Wings - 30 minutes 
5.9 lbs Funnel Cake - 10 minutes                               


Joey's career consists of the 2005-2008 seasons, in which he won the asparagus title four times, set an astonishing new world record of 66 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes, five times beat Kobayashi, four times won the Chinook Winds rib-eating championship, dominated nearly every chicken wing competition he attempted, and most recently did the unthinkable by eating 103 Krystal hamburgers in only 8 minutes.




World Ranking: 7  
Hometown: Twin Peaks, CA 
Age: 22 
Weight: 260 lbs 
Records: 65 flautas - 10 minutes


Bursting onto the Major League Eating Circuit in September, Monson wasted no time in letting the world know that he can eat with the best in the world. Impressive finishes in Burritos and Meatballs paved the way for his first win in Flautas; a field that featured #1-ranked Joey Chestnut. A more than respectable fourth-place finish in Corned Beef Sandwiches followed up with a second place finish to Chestnut in Deep-Fried Asparagus in Stockton solidifies Monson's newly appointed top-10 world ranking.



World Ranking: 8  
Hometown: Seattle, WA 
Age: 27 
Weight: 208 lbs 
Records: 9.75 Fry Breads - 8 minutes 
4 lbs 15 oz Shrimp - 12 minutes 

Eric "the Red" Torvaldsson was a Viking who murdered an Icelandic man he caught by his fire stealing cedar planks. Torvaldsson, who intended to grill a dinner Arctic Char between the two planks, never meant to kill the thief but the people of Iceland exiled him anyway. Greenlanders of the 10th century were quick to welcome Torvaldsson. They called him "the Red" in reference to his heated passion, revered his Viking hunger and showered him with respect. Eric "the Red" Denmark embodies his namesake's passionate hunger and also enjoys a similar respect - not just from Greenlanders, but from all who have witnessed his tireless determination at the competitive eating table. Active for just a short while, Erik the Red has competed in chicken wings, corned beef and cabbage, Nathan's hot dogs and Krystal Hamburgers. He boasts a certain tolerance for hot and spicy fare, having performed in jalapenos, huevos rancheros, and buffalo wings.

Harvick Keeps on Rockin' with 7th Place at Chicagoland Speedway


Earning his 21st career Nationwide Series Pole, Kevin Harvick and the #33 Jimmy John's team led 9 laps, ran the entire race in the top 9 and earned a solid 7th place finish in Saturday night's Dollar General 300 at Chicagoland Speedway. Harvick rocks!


Kevin Harvick on the pole for the Dollar General 300. Check out more sweet pics at

A Tasty Bag of Chips



A Facebook Fan loves JJ's so much she made a purse out of Jalapeno chip bags!

Brock rocks!!!