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May 2010

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Check out these freaky fast eaters!


Tim Janus, Bob Shoudt and Micah Collins will be competing in the Jimmy John's Freaky Fast Sandwich Makers vs. Eaters Contest at 5:30pm on Friday, May 28. The competition will pit seasoned professional eaters against Jimmy John's speedy sandwich makers in a face-off to see who is the fastest. 

Meet the Eaters:

Timothy_janus1-213x300TIM JANUS AKA "EATER X"
World Ranking: 6 
Hometown: New York, NY
Age: 32
Weight: 165 lbs
Records: 7.72 lbs Boneless Buffalo Wings - 12 minutes
10.5 lbs Ramen Noodles - 8 minutes
141 pieces of Nigiri Sushi - 6 minutes 

Q: What's your strategy for this Jimmy John's sandwich-eating contest?
A: From a technical standpoint, Jimmy John's is a pretty straightforward food. It's a pick-it-up-and-eat-it kind of thing. I think the two most important things for our team of eaters on Friday will be teamwork and vigilance. We're going to have to make sure that we pass the sandwiches down the line with the fluidity of relay racers exchanging the baton. We can't afford to drop one, and we can't hang on to one too long. Every eater is going to have to be eating during every minute of the competition. We're also going to have to get off to a very fast start. Jimmy John's sandwich makers truly are freaky fast. I've seen them in action before. I don't think they're going to slow down at all. So if we get behind, it's Good Night.

World Ranking: 2  
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 42 
Weight: 285 lbs 
Records: 13.9 lbs Chili Spaghetti - 10 minutes
39 Krystal Hamburgers - 2 minutes
34.75 Beef Brisket BBQ Sandwiches - 10 minutes 

Q: What's your strategy for this Jimmy John's sandwich-eating contest?
A: I think it is important that the three eaters share the food equally. I have watched footage of other JJ contests and it seems like they always have one eater that is not eating. For example, the first one comes out and they split it in two. Two eaters eating and one just standing there. If we can work together to make sure that all three of us are eating, all of the time, we have a good shot to win. That said, the JJ makers are no joke. They are professionals that do quick, quality work.

World Ranking: 13  
Hometown: Drexell Hill, PA
Age: 37 
Weight: 270 lbs 
Records: 84 oz. (5.25 lbs) of baked beans - 58 seconds 

Q: What's your strategy for this Jimmy John's sandwich-eating contest?
A: To eat faster than they can make sandwiches, kidding, kind of. I've gone over the tapes of last year's contests in which the eaters made what I consider crucial mistakes, especially the order in which they ate. I don't want to divulge all the secrets to how we are going to approach this but I can tell you a good lineup is crucial and I think we have figured that out for this contest.

Click here to see the entire interview!

Two-Face Loves the JJ!


Aaron Eckhart, who played Harvey Dent/Two Face in the movie The Dark Knight, stopped by a Utah Jimmy John's for a freaky fast sandwich. Wonder if he flipped a two-headed coin to decide what to order?


Brock is back! Lesnar defends belt against Carwin at UFC 116


Brock Lesnar
One day before America watches fireworks to celebrate their independence, the biggest heavyweight title fight ever will go off in Las Vegas. Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar returns to defend his heavyweight championship against interim title holder Shane Carwin at UFC 116: LESNAR vs CARWIN, live from the MGM Grand Arena on Saturday, July 3. 

Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin
"I can't wait to get back in the Octagon and defend my UFC heavyweight title," Lesnar said. "July 3rd can't come soon enough. I'm ready to fight. At UFC 116, Shane Carwin is going to face the REAL UFC heavyweight champion. I'm going to end Shane's perfect record and walk out of the Octagon with my championship belt around my waist." Tickets for UFC 116 are on sale at Ticketmaster and the fight will be live on Pay-Per-View on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, DISH Network, TVN, BellTV, Shaw Communications, Sasktel, and Viewer's Choice Canada.  


Jimmy can't dance but he sure can make a sandwich!



The fans have spoken: Jimmy John's is a Ferrari and Subway is a Pinto


We asked our Facebook fans "If Jimmy John's was a car, what kind of car would it be? If Subway was a car, what kind of car would it be? Why?"

The top responses for Jimmy John's cars are:

1. Ferrari


2. Camaro


3. Lamborghini


4. Corvette


5. Bugatti Veyron


The top responses for Subway's cars are:

1. Pinto


2. Yugo


3. Geo Metro


4. Minivan


5. Prius

Why did the fans choose these cars? 

The majority thought of Jimmy John's as "fast, cool, sexy, awesome, classic, affordable and having good taste." 

They perceived Subway as "slow, cheap, crappy, boring, outdated and doesn't deliver."

What car would you rather drive?

Here's what our youngest customer has to say. This kid rocks!

OMG! This dude won 1000 subs!



"Wow, that's pretty awesome because I love Jimmy John's!" said Jonathan Shaw after finding out he won our 1000 Subs for 1000 Shops sweepstakes on Facebook. Shaw attends the University of South Florida and had his first Jimmy John's sandwich about a year ago right down the street from campus. His favorite JJ's sub? The Vito, and plans on eating a few with his winnings, but also wants to share the wealth. "I gotta hook the boys up!" says Shaw. I bet he's getting a ton of Facebook friend requests right about now.

More about Jonathan:

JJ: Where do you work?
JS: Hollister, I am a floor model

JJ: What are your favorite movies? 
JS: Basically anything with Will Ferrell. Also, V for Vendetta and The Hangover, of course

JJ: Is there anything you are "freaky fast" at?
JS: I'm pretty fast on my feet. If you put me in a foot race, I'd probably beat you

JJ: Since our motto is "freaky fast," what is your motto?
JS: I have a couple that come to mind: "Sometimes the small things in life take you places you can't imagine" & "You don't have to be loud to be heard" 

A shout out to the 10 runner ups who received a gift card & sweet JJ Gear: 

Ashley Rieff - Omaha, NE
Chris Flann - Port Huron, MI
Shannone Walters - Virginia Beach, VA
Sonja Englund - Duluth, MN
Heather Nance - Evansville, IN
Sean Biebly - Petoskey, MI
Jessica Fox - Glenwood, IA
James Myers - Seattle, WA
Kristi Shupert - Apena, MI 
Julie Roubik - Shorewood, WI

Thanks to the other 23,376 JJ fans for entering! You rock!

Thank you, Alex, for making safety cool


A blogger on walked into a Jimmy John's for a late lunch lunch and met a Jimmy John's bicycle delivery guy. I guess if it's your first time at Jimmy John's, he might look a little weird wearing a helmet inside a sandwich shop.


"His name is Alex," the blogger noted, "and he better not get fired for his awesomeness. You see, the guys that work there also deliver sandwiches to nearby businesses and residents that order. I'm assuming Alex ended his delivery shift and started his register shift but wanted to keep it safe. And, I commend him for that!

Thank you, Alex, for making safety cool."

I can't believe this entire band has JJ’s tattooed on every member. These guys are nuts!


All 6 members of the rock band Born of Osiris have the same JJ tattoos because they love Jimmy John's so much and they rock as hard as we do. These are true fans, check em out at

1 tattoo
3 tattoos

How much do you love your sandwich?