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April 2010

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America's Biggest Beer Drinking States

04/30/2010 announced the Beer Institute's annual report of the biggest beer-drinking states. Wisconsin came in at #8, with a picture of a Leinenkugel's beer and a tasty Jimmy John's. Hey, buzzed folks need food too.



Did your state make the list? 

15. Iowa

14. Delaware

13. South Carolina

12. Mississippi

11. New Mexico

9/10. (Tied) Texas/Nebraska

8. Wisconsin

7. Louisiana

6. South Dakota

5. Wyoming

4. North Dakota

3. Nevada

2. New Hampshire

1. Montana 

From JJ Convention Crashers to SMU Fraternity Crashers



True Story

A woman working at a bank in downtown Detroit left for lunch and was walking down the street, when a homeless man stopped her. He didn't beg for money or booze...instead he asked her to buy him Jimmy John's. I don't blame him, sandwich withdrawals suck!


Finally a Man's Ringtone




Jimmy gives this sweet delivery ride a big thumbs up!



How Lucky Can You Be??



The JJ Lingwo


Suri, Apple & Shiloh released episode 5 of the JJ Roadtrip today. Check out all the episodes @ the JJ Roadtrip tab at the top of the blog.  It even has a chatroom so maybe the girls will chat with you!

Change is Good


Jimmy John's didn't become the fastest growing QSR company in the country without inspiring change. Check out this movie and ask yourself, how will you inspire change?


Jimmy John's Guy at Portillos


JJ Wedding Dress


Kirk Smith, a food science rockstar at NC State University, entered the school's fashion show this year. Smith was the only student without ties to the College of Design or Textiles, and presented an entire collection made from food packaging. Wow, what bride wouldn't want a wedding gown made from Jimmy John's sandwich wrappers? Check out the full article here.

JJ Wedding dress 4 JJ Wedding dress 3

JJ Wedding dress 2