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February 2010

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"Jimmy John's, this is Sean Payton, remember me?"


We all know that New Orlean's Saints Drew Brees loves the #9, but did you know that his coach has a special place in his heart for Jimmy John's too? E.I.U. alum and Saints head coach Sean Payton returned to central Illinois this week and took a trip down memory lane. "Just being able to pick up the phone and ordering Jimmy John's," was one of Payton's favorite E.I.U. memories. Being a star quarterback for the Panthers was cool too I'm sure, but come on, it's Jimmy John's. Who can blame him?

Official Jimmy John's Facebook Fan Page Reaches 300,000 (and counting)!


300000fans Only a month after celebrating one year on Facebook, the Official Jimmy John’s Facebook page hit 300,000 fans on February 15th, 2010. Fans get freaky fast updates from their favorite sandwich delivery guys, such as $1 subs, store openings, and community events. They can also order delicious JJ's subs directly from the official Facebook page! So jump on the bandwagon and become a fan today at! Afterall, we wanna get more fans than a pickle and Nickelback put together!

Belly Button Question of the Day


We asked our Facebook fans today "Inny or Outie?" Why? Because as yummy as we are, you can't talk about sandwiches ALL the time. 

In a not-even-close battle, the innies beat the outies. But don't feel bad if you have an outie, we love you anyway. Here are a few belly button answers:

  • "I don't have a belly button. I got it airbrushed off."
  • "Inny, until I get some Jimmy John's"
  • "Innie fo sho. Outties look like they have minds of their own"
  • "Half and half"
  • "I just pulled out some lint, so you do the math"

So what are you? Inny or outie?

Gourmet is Here to Stay

After asking the fans in the e-world if I should change the name from GOURMET to TASTY, I have come to the conclusion that my fans are right, gourmet it is. Thanks for the help, Jimmy John

Harvick Finishes 3rd in So Fast You'll Freak™ Racing


Jimmy John's and Hellmann's go together so well that their cars collided on the racetrack after Harvick led the Nationwide Series season opener in Daytona. Watch the final lap as Harvick maneuvered his way from 5th place to 3rd in his So Fast You'll Freak™ Jimmy John's Chevrolet.

Gourmet or Tasty?

JJ needs feedback. I need feedback from my JJ fans, I'm thinking of changing the name to Jimmy John's Tasty Sandwiches.

Or should I leave it alone, Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches.

Why make the change? I think we are more tasty then gourmet, but I also know that you all have learned to love the JJ Gourmet, that’s why I need your feedback.

Gourmet or Tasty?

Why Ice Fishing Sucks




Jimmy John's presents Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Esti Ginzburg


While you're at "reading the articles" don't miss model Esti Ginzburg, presented by Jimmy John's.


So Fast You'll Freak Racing Returns to Daytona!


Check out Kevin Harvick in the #33 Jimmy John’s Chevrolet on February 13th, 12pm ET on ESPN2! Jimmy John’s returns to KHI for their second season as a primary and associate sponsor. During the 2009 season, Harvick earned his first Nationwide Series win at Atlanta Motor Speedway in dominating fashion behind the wheel of the freaky fast Jimmy John’s car.

Kevin's quote of the day: “I think Daytona is our most important race. I’ve been able to win on both the Cup and Nationwide side and this year we’ve put a lot of effort into our Nationwide and Truck programs. The superspeedway races are important and we’ve won a few races on the Nationwide program without me driving. I really only think I’ve run a few races in our stuff and hopefully, we can add that one to the list of wins.”


ARE YOU A FOLLOWER? Twitter users can now keep up-to-date with Kevin Harvick Inc.’s NASCAR Nationwide Series by following @KHI_NNS. In addition, you can follow KHI’s Truck Series teams @KHI_TruckSeries. Want more from KHI? Follow KHI’s co-owners Kevin and DeLana Harvick @KevinHarvick and

Now That's What I Call Dedication


I hope he doesn't wave hello or they might think he's ordering a #6.