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New Year's Resolution: Eat More Jimmy John's!

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Low-Carb Unwich!

It's that time of year again - New Year's resolutions of weight loss and exercise. If you are going low-carb, Jimmy John's Unwich is a tasty alternative to any JJ's sub or club. All of the same premium ingredients are packed in a lettuce wrap instead of bread. 



How to eat an Unwich: 

Step 1. Don't unwrap it.

Step 2. Don't unwrap it.


Step 4. Start eating at the open end.

Step 5. Peel paper back as you go.

Step 6. Bask in the healthy glow of low-carb goodness.


Hold the Mayo!

For those that are going low-fat, JJ's has 5 subs under 4 grams of fat if you just "hold the mayo":

#2 Big John - 2.95 g

#4 Turkey Tom - 0.76 g

#14 Bootlegger Club - 3.51 g

Slim Roast Beef - 2.78 g

Slim Turkey - 0.56 g


My New Year's resolution is to eat more Jimmy John's!