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Like Yourself


Jimmy John's - Aly Armentrout

“When I was a kid, I was kind of an introvert. I didn’t have a lot of friends, so I was really bothered by the, ‘what if nobody likes me?’ kind of thing. But as the years went by, I was like, I’m content with who I am. I’m a cool person and if someone doesn’t want to be friends with me that shouldn’t be a reason to dislike myself. I think once people start to understand, like hey, not everybody is going to get along. You can’t be upset if somebody doesn’t like you because that’s just the way the world works. Just like yourself. Like yourself, and it’ll all work out.”

- Aly Armentrout, 2nd Assistant Manager, Champaign, IL #9039

My dream


Jimmy John's - Avion Mapson

“My dream is to become a Psychologist and then, do photography on the side. I want to be a social worker in a high school and help kids. I went through a lot as a kid growing up. Bullying, depression, and all that. So whatever I can do to help, I want to. And photography is just something I really love. Whenever I get the chance, I’ll go out and take pictures of whatever I can.”

- Avion Mapson, Inshop, Champaign, IL #9039

See the good


Jimmy John's - Dalton Woolridge

“I try to see the good in everything. It’s easy to only talk about your bad days, but even a bad day has its’ ups. Everyone has those days, it happens, but you gotta find those ups and focus on them.”

- Dalton Woolridge, Delivery Driver & Catering Manager, Urbana, IL #9036

This was perfect


Jimmy John's - Raful Solano

"I'm studying Integrative Biology at the University of Illinois and I've been delivering at JJ's for about 2 years. I needed something that could work around my school schedule and this was perfect. My program is pretty tough, so I need that. Plus, I like coming in and having fun people to work with. It takes my mind off of things."
- Raful Solano, Delivery Driver, Champaign, IL #9003
Spread Smiles


Jimmy John's - Nick Mercier

“My coworkers are awesome, I love everyone here. I also love customer interaction, it’s a lot of fun talking to people and making their day. I always try to be positive; we all have bad days so I do my best to make other people smile.”

- Nick Mercier, Delivery Driver & Catering Manager, Champaign, IL #9003

Craft your attention to detail


Jimmy John's - Brian Hottashed

"I like to play music. I play guitar, but I also like sound engineering and recording; audio production kind of stuff. It’s a good way to craft your attention to detail and it’s the easiest way for me to express myself. Sometimes I feel like I’m better at communicating with music than talking, if that makes sense?”

- Brian Mottashed, Delivery Driver, Urbana, IL #9008

Deliveries & Dogs


Jimmy John's - Samuel Trowb

“Running deliveries is actually really fun. You get to go places, be outside, and listen to your own music. Plus, I get to pet a lot of dogs. Recently, I was delivering to a house, the customer answered the door and their dog just ran out. I was like, ‘here hold this!’ Luckily I chased down the dog, but it was really nice. I got a good tip and I got to play with the dog!”

- Samuel Towb, Delivery Driver, Urbana, IL #9008

Being a Delivery Driver


Jimmy John's - Darin Beals

“I worked at Jimmy John’s a while back, then took a break, moved across the country and did some other things. I came back here to go to college, and being a driver worked well with my schedule. But back when I was younger, I used to run deliveries out the door to my car and jump over the hood. I’m not even kidding, like Bo Duke style sliding. I would clear the hood running from the curb. Sometimes ya gotta add a little finesse to it!”

- Darin Beals, Delivery Driver, Ypsilanti, MI #9027

Work and School


Jimmy John's - Markus Dorsey

“I needed a part time job that worked around my school schedule and this one is perfect. It’s a fast-paced restaurant environment, but it’s a steady schedule. Which is exactly what I needed. I’m studying Media Arts and Production; so editing, recording, that kind of thing. It’s obviously a popular dream to say, ‘I want to direct a movie’ or ‘I want to write my own story’. Yeah, I want to do all of those things, but that’s the end game for the profession. There are still SO many levels to it. You don’t have to give up if you don’t make it to Hollywood, so that’s where I get my motivation.”

- Markus Dorsey, Inshop, Champaign, IL #9039

Be genuine and honest.


Jimmy John's - Crystal Price

"Be genuine and honest. Don't be fake. Some people think I can be too direct or blunt, but I just tell it like I see it. I think, if I'm honest from the get-go things work out better...unless it's like about a woman's wedding dress. If she loves it, tell her you love it too! But other than that, sugar coating just makes things confusing for everyone."

- Crystal Price, 1st Assistant Manager, Champaign, IL #9039