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Happy National Twins Day!


Jimmy John's National Twins Day

People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar

 “My name is Troye Bulluck and I’m a sandwich maker at the JJ’s in Washington, DC. I had an idea to raise money for kids who are less fortunate and help them with food, health care and education. We started at zero and raised 10 thousand bucks, helping over 200 kids. It was really hard work and really satisfying. I’m very proud of our accomplishment, it was so worth it. Sincerely, Troye Bullock” 


People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar


"I worked my first customer celebration day and a woman came in, ordered a sub, I rang her up for a buck,(that’s what we priced them at), and she had forgotten her wallet. I decided to buy her sub for her, she was very appreciative. Turns out she was a jewelry maker and had her own small jewelry biz and the next day, she brought me some amazing pieces. I never expected that, but I’m sure she didn’t either. Karma is for real, and feel good stuff rocks, this felt good!"

-Abbey Flores, Guerilla Marketer

People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar

"I was willing to move anywhere in the country to have my own Jimmy John’s. It took a lot to do that. I take a lot of pride in what I do and what we did up here, it wasn’t easy. You know, we’re right next to one of the greatest cities in the world. Getting a restaurant open will take time, but we were able to do it and I’m very proud of that" -Joe Brendel, Hoboken, NJ
People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar

"Having my baby and being there for her birth, that was one of my biggest accomplishments. I mean, I’ve had accomplishments within this job, but it’s not the same. That one just felt completely different. It was one of the most life changing experiences I’ve had, having that baby, it makes me emotional. She’s just so cute, so tiny. Just one month and 14 days old. I really want to build my family, that’s one of my main goals. Now that I have my daughter, focusing my time and energy on her is important to me. Relationships can be hard, but mine is progressing and I honestly think Jimmy John’s has helped with that. Since I’ve been here me and my girlfriend’s relationship has been a lot better.”

- Jay Patel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

People of Jimmy John's


Jimmy John's Rockstar

"Everyday is a feel good day at JJ's because people thank me for the amazing food and the delivery! Cool stuff just happens, I mean like David Spade is here every week!” - Jalarion Reed, Beverly Hills, CA

People of Jimmy John's


Juan Houff

“I like to bread start because it’s a privilege. I know it sounds cheesy, but when I was training I thought it looked so cool." - Juan Houff from JJ’s in Texarkana, TX

Top 10 Jimmy John's Vines


1. When you're so hungry, you develop Harry Potter skills


2. When your friend doesn't know what's best for them


3. When you know the answer is always JJ's


4. When you take the last bite. And your life ends


5. When you first hear about JJ's #FreakyFast


6. When you can't take your eyes off perfection #LoveAtFirstBite


7. When someone offers to pay


8. When you spring for the more expensive microwave. And it totally pays off


9. When someone tries to steal your chips #NotInMyHouse


10. When you're like, really hungry.

Triple the Yum!


Jimmy John's

Photo courtesy of Chris Kryzanek

Drunchie Moments




Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.05.56 PM


1. When Subs Magically Appear


2. When You Just Gotta


Walk into the bar, like what up I got a big sub?! -brought to you by BODY BY ZARATE.

A photo posted by Sally M. (@smaxwell21) on Mar 20, 2015 at 8:58pm PDT


3. When Choices Are Hard


4. When You Have Priorities 


5. When Late Night You Is Lookin' Out


6. When You Order Delivery 


7. When You Foodie Call


8. When You Wake Up Snuggling Chips


9. When You Have No Ragrets


10. Not Even One 


11. When You Score The Phone Number 


12. When You Find The Cure 


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