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People of Jimmy John's


Juan Houff

“I like to bread start because it’s a privilege. I know it sounds cheesy, but when I was training I thought it looked so cool." - Juan Houff from JJ’s in Texarkana, TX

Top 10 Jimmy John's Vines


1. When you're so hungry, you develop Harry Potter skills


2. When your friend doesn't know what's best for them


3. When you know the answer is always JJ's


4. When you take the last bite. And your life ends


5. When you first hear about JJ's #FreakyFast


6. When you can't take your eyes off perfection #LoveAtFirstBite


7. When someone offers to pay


8. When you spring for the more expensive microwave. And it totally pays off


9. When someone tries to steal your chips #NotInMyHouse


10. When you're like, really hungry.

Triple the Yum!



Photo courtesy of Chris Kryzanek

Drunchie Moments




Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.05.56 PM


1. When Subs Magically Appear


2. When You Just Gotta


Walk into the bar, like what up I got a big sub?! -brought to you by BODY BY ZARATE.

A photo posted by Sally M. (@smaxwell21) on Mar 20, 2015 at 8:58pm PDT


3. When Choices Are Hard


4. When You Have Priorities 


5. When Late Night You Is Lookin' Out


6. When You Order Delivery 


7. When You Foodie Call


8. When You Wake Up Snuggling Chips


9. When You Have No Ragrets


10. Not Even One 


11. When You Score The Phone Number 


12. When You Find The Cure 


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Jimmy John's sends Ultimate Fan to Auto Club 400!


Dana is CRAZY about Harvick and NASCAR so JJ's made her the #UltimateFan!

We hooked her up with some sweet swag:

And hot passes:

Dana got to meet KH and take a tour!

Safe to say she digs being the Ultimate Fan eh?

Wanna be Jimmy John's Ultimate Fan? Tweet your love for @KevinHarvick and @jimmyjohns and we might freak you out!

Jimmy John's Sends Ultimate Fan to Phoenix International Raceway


Cory is the ULTIMATE NASCAR fan, and has been tweeting to Kevin Harvick about JJ's since 2011! 


After meeting Cory at Daytona, Jimmy John's hooked him up with the Ultimate fan experience in Phx!2

We hooked him up with some killer swag:3

And sent him out to Phoenix to watch the 4 car bring home that big beautiful #freakyfast W!4

On race day Cory got to hang out with Kevin and the crew and tour the track 





I think we freaked him out a bit, eh?


Wanna be Jimmy John's Ultimate Fan? Tweet your love for @KevinHarvick and @jimmyjohns and we might freak you out!




Tyler loves everything NASCAR. He became the Jimmy John's and Kevin Harvick Ultimate Fan!

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.28.22 AM
After seeing Tyler's love for everything JJ's and KH last summer, we decided to freak him out again:

2. Invite

We hooked him up with suuhhhweet gear for the race:

3. Swag

Then Tyler and his guest spent the day meeting Harvick and his crew and sitting VIP for the race


Tyler and his guest Stephanie loved being Jimmy John's and Harvick's Ultimate Fans!

7. The End

Wanna be Jimmy John's Ultimate Fan? Tweet your love for @KevinHarvick and @jimmyjohns and we might freak you out!


Jimmy John's Sends Ultimate Fan to Kobalt 400 Race


Apryl is a diehard Harvick fan and now she's one of his ULTIMATE FANS


After seeing Apryl's love for Kevin, we decided to freak her out with a VIP experience:

1. Invite


We hooked her up with some suuuhhhweet swag to rock:

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 9.59.42 AM

And then it was time for race day in Vegas!

5. Vegas Bound2.5. Thank You

Apryl spent the day meeting KH and watching the race in Vegas where Harvick BROUGHT HOME THE WIN #4TheWIN

6. Champ Thanks

Then ate her first bite of yummy JJ's after the win

7. Jimmy John's


I guess you could say Apryl really loves being Jimmy John's and Kevin Harvick's Ultimate Fan

9. After The RaceAfter Race


Wanna be Jimmy John's Ultimate Fan? Tweet your love for @KevinHarvick and @jimmyjohns and we might freak you out! 




3 year old Charlie loves Jimmy John's BBQ Chips! 

He's giving away bags of BBQ chips at his 4th birthday party to share the BBQ love.


PS can you say coolest Mom ever? Jessica, you rock! 

Bill Murray sportin a cool JJ sweatshirt

03/02/2015 Billy, looks good on ya! 



Check out Bill rockin' in the studio with Rick Ross!