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Making ordinary people extraordinary


Photo Jan 28-2


"Managing people and building a solid relationship to empower employees to work fast and accurate is very difficult. But I've become a master at it, here's how: I show them exactly what to do myself. Then I let them try it. When they first try what I showed them it's very awkward, so the only thing I comment on is what they are doing really well, I don't focus on what needs improvements. Then I meet with them each week and review what they learned, how they are doing and then I reset new goals for the up and coming week. I'm always with them jamming it out so as a result my team is completely self motivated. So much that I don't even need to be here all the time as they execute like rockstars now whether I'm there or not. I love leading but mostly I love watching my team grow confidence and ability. I take ordinary people and teach them to do extraordinary things. It’s so cool when you can actually do it!"

-Jacob Turner, General Manager, Store #1195 Thornton, CO

Lead by Example


"Everybody that's higher up from me has never made me feel like I'm lesser, and I think that's really, really important. That's something that no other job has provided me the feeling of. Everyone is really, really nice and down to earth and it never feels like they're above me, and I absolutely adore that. I can totally be myself here, and I can thrive on that. Jimmy just leads by example and people do what he does. Jimmy's example makes me work harder, thanks Jimmy!" 

-Ariel Harbour-Laxton, Las Vegas, NV Store #2267


Perfect Dates with your Significant Other...and JJ's


Nothing says love like ice skating with bae (bread above everything).



Or sky gazing and sandwich tasting...



Finally, watch the sunset with your hot date and your cold sandwich.


No one likes a 3rd wheel on Valentine's Day. Unless the 3rd wheel is JJ's.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jimmy John's is my family


Photo Jan 28

"I have a lot of feelings for people that have gone through social service and domestic violence, any kind of impact that was negative on their life. I personally would like to go to a women’s rescue shelter and places like that and read poetry, and do different workshops. A lot of how I came up through my childhood struggles was with poetry. I think it’s interesting because there’s a sense of family and community here that I have not really experienced throughout a lot of my life. Jimmy John’s is my family. That’s why I enjoy it.” 

- Rachael Yates, Inshop, Store #1195, Thornton, CO 

9 Reasons You Should Order Jimmy John’s for Mardi Gras


1. Drew Brees owns every Jimmy John’s in NOLA…


Photo Jan 12


…and he’s known to take deliveries every now and then.




2. We’ve got pickle buckets…




Haven’t you heard pickle juice helps a headache?





3. Don’t wanna take your mask off for lunch? No worries…


Photo Jan 18, 9 24 48 AM


…no judgement here.




4. Oh yeah, did we mention Drew Brees owns EVERY Jimmy John’s in NOLA??? 


Drew Brees


Ok. Good.




5. You can get Day Old Bread for just 50 cents…


Photo Jan 14, 9 04 58 AM (1)


I think we can all agree this may come in handy.




6. Because you got the munchies and we have tasty subs…


Photo Jan 14, 7 07 52 AM (1)




7. Let's face it, we know how to party






8.  So celebrate Mardi Gras with good people…





9. And great food! Who Dat!





Photo Jan 07, 7 30 36 PM

"I taught myself how to play poker and now I play all the time. Poker teaches you to have patience and to trust and believe in yourself. Even if I don't have a good hand, I can win a huge pot by making my opponent fold their hand. What does that take? It takes patience, it takes trusting myself. Trusting myself is something I also do with my job at Jimmy John's. I started as a driver 9 months ago. After a month I got promoted. Patience and trusting myself has worked for me."

- Ricky Rudisill, 1st Assistant, Huntington Beach, CA #3191

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work


Photo Jan 15

"I think this year our store went down as the #11 rated store in the nation. I run that store, I mean, I think that's pretty cool. Twenty-three years old...yeah...I'd take that as an accomplishment. Drew Brees is my owner. He throws a pretty good football, I run a damn good sub shop. I'd say Drew and I make for great partners. Thanks JJ, Thanks Drew!"

-Doug Harrington, General Manger, Metairie, LA #1653

Living Outside Your Comfort Zone


Photo Jan 08, 1 08 09 PM

"I work at Jimmy John's and I'm also a yoga instructor. I love teaching yoga, but I've always hated public speaking. I realized, 'Oh my God, I basically signed up to do that all the time, like why?' It's cool though, because I like doing things I didn't think I could do or I didn't want to do but working at Jimmy John's has forced me to speak when I normally wouldn't and this had made me a better person."

-Sarah Tomlinson, Sandwich Maker, Huntington Beach, CA #3191


Life: Embrace it and it will provide you lemonade, fight it and it will give you lemons.


Photo Dec 11

"It makes me so proud watching my girls blossom into beautiful women. We've been through some rough times, we've struggled. They have come through, they have conquered the rough times. But it's like anything in life, there are always going to be struggles. There are struggles in this store everyday. Some are big and some are little and just the same thing when you have kids, when you're in a relationship, in any job...there are struggles. You just gotta have the fortitude to beat them."


- Sandra Superczynski, General Manager, Ellicott City, MD #2036

This is my family


Photo Dec 04, 12 56 17 PM


"I finished up college and I majored in Criminal Justice. A lot of people will ask me, 'You have a college degree, why are you here at Jimmy John's?' I'm here because I like this job. And now I have an MBA in business. They teach us to succeed here. I love this job. Which is obvious, I've been here since 2010.

This is my family."


-Vincent Jeffery, Inshop, Dallas, TX #1163