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One of my favorite stories

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Julian Cano
"One of our regulars has been coming to our store for over 3 years and she has a super customized order, but I know it by heart. When she comes in, we always have it ready for her. We barely talked in the beginning, but after a while I learned her name and she started confiding in me about her son. Her son is autistic and so is my little brother.  One day she came in and she made these cool, handmade autism awareness bracelets. She didn’t even get food, she just came in out of nowhere and was like, ‘Here, I wanted you to have this.' So I was like, oh man, it got me choked up a little. She’s sweet and she didn’t have to do that. That’s one of my favorite stories."

-Julian Cano, General Manager, Mesa, AZ #2448