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Jimmy John's Owner Dan Vansteenburg empowers employees to work for themselves!

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Meet Jimmy John's owner Dan Vansteenburg!

He's the second-largest franchise owner with stores in Minnesota, New York, Wisconsin and Massachusetts!

Jimmy John's Owner

Former school teacher, Dan Van, became a Jimmy John’s owner 16 years ago in Roseville, MN. After some initial success, Dan set a goal to open 30 more locations. He and his team are now rockin’ out and serving tasty subs to folks in 59 stores across 4 states!

Best-in-class product and an extremely structured organization is what drew Dan to the company. Dan says that Jimmy John Liautaud, Jimmy John’s owner and founder, is who he admires in the industry, “As a franchisee, my number one rule is to do what Jimmy is doing. In Jimmy, I have a successful leader and one who always speaks and acts from a place of genuine authority because he is doing what I am doing every day.”

Dan’s everyday routine varies from day-to-day, he says, “I work closely with the Jimmy John's management team to test various strategies, products, and best practices. I help remove obstacles and I high-five my rock star staff.” Dan still makes subs and spreads the JJ love to his customers! 

Read more about Dan’s story here. For more information on our founder, like Jimmy John Liautaud on Facebook.