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Mini Jimmy-cation: Las Vegas, NV

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✈️ Watch out! We're headed to the Sin City...


AKA the City of Lights✨...


AKA America's Playground...




Here are some Not-So-Vegas-Things to do in Vegas (because, let's face it, we all know what The Strip has to offer):


1. Neon Boneyard Park

This park stretches over 6 acres and features thousands of old Vegas casino signs! 

Jimmy John's Neon Boneyard Park

I'm gonna be honest, it was 115 degrees the day I visited so the park was closed. BUT here's a photo of the outside sign! Enjoy!


2. Fremont Street

It's just underrated. If you want that Vegas experience, but the old school way...Fremont is the place to be.

Jimmy John's Fremont Street

And as if things aren't good enough on Fremont, the closest JJ's is 3 minutes away! So close you can smell that fresh baked bread...


3. Seven Magic Mountains

These colorful boulder towers are stacked over 30 feet high and just 30 minutes from The Strip. YOU MUST GO! And fast!

Jimmy John's Seven Magic Mountains

It's only viewable until May 2018! So grab a snack (Jimmy John's would probably be the best option), a friend (Jimmy John's might be a good option for this too), and go see it!


4. Lake Mead

If you've never seen a GIGANTIC lake in the middle of a desert then you should probably go see Lake Mead. I mean, it's a the middle of the desert.

Jimmy John's Lake MeadRemember to bring plenty of water and food doesn't hurt either. Especially when it's made with all-natural meats that are hand-sliced daily...


5. Hoover Dam

While you're visiting Lake Mead stop by the Hoover Dam, it's incredible!

Jimmy John's Hoover Dam

Dam, that's a good lookin' sandwich.


Some may say it's dam good, dam fast, dam fresh...


...and dam tasty...



Okay, okay! But, don't forget to visit us at any of the locations listed here:

Jimmy Johns Las Vegas

  1. 4469 W Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV
  2. 2950 S Durango Dr Las Vegas, NV
  3. 2204 W Charleston Las Vegas, NV
  4. 7331 W Lake Mead Blvd Las Vegas, NV
  5. 5463 S Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV
  6. 495 S Main St Las Vegas, NV
  7. 9435 W Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV
  8. 10870 W Charleston Blvd Las Vegas, NV
  9. 4800 S Maryland Las Vegas, NV
  10. 5801 W Craig Rd Las Vegas, NV
  11. 2595 E Craig Rd North Las Vegas, NV
  12. 2450 Windmill Ln Henderson, NV
  13. 9985 S Eastern Ave Henderson, NV
  14. 1321 W Sunset Rd Henderson, NV
  15. 310 W Lake Mead Pkwy Henderson, NV