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Jimmy Fresh Bread

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Rumor has it there are a lot of folks out there who dig my buns. It’s cuz I got a world class…bread. 😏

Jimmy John's Bread

Since 1983, I’ve been baking my bread fresh in-house. We thaw it, stretch it, rise it and bake it right where you can see us. It’s baked all day everyday, and we never make a sandwich on French bread that’s more than 4 hours old. After 4 hours, we wrap it up and sell it as Day Old bread!

Jimmy John's employee stretching bread

My 9-grain thick sliced wheat bread is baked fresh every morning, hand sliced by JJ Rockstars and put in a container where you can see it. We use every slice throughout the day and then we thaw it, bake it and slice it all again the next morning.

That’s Jimmy Fresh.

Jimmy John's wheat bread

My bread is world class. The ingredients in my bread are world class. It costs a little more and I could use cheaper quality ingredients, but I don’t.

It’s that simple. Really.