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All-Natural Meat!

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Did you know that there are Rockstars in over 2,700 Jimmy John’s across the United States that are hand slicing my all-natural meats in-shop every single day?

If you didn't, now you do.

JImmy John's employee slicing JJ's all-natural meats

My meats are all-natural and best in class. They have no artificial ingredients, no added hormones, no artificial preservatives, no nitrates and no added nitrites. They are MSG free and phosphate free.

There is no grinding, no tumbling, no fill, and they are as pure as it gets.

Jimmy John's all-natural capicola

They are fresh and never frozen. We season them with basic seasonings, let ‘em sit overnight and then roast them in an oven. They are then boxed and delivered fresh to your local Jimmy John’s. 

We slice them by hand in every single store, every single day and have since I first opened in 1983. That big fancy slicer isn't just for decoration!

Jimmy John's all-natural meats 

Check out more about my all-natural meats right here. That’s Jimmy Fresh™!