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25 things you didn't know about Jimmy John's

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Check out 25 things you didn't know about JJ, right from the man himself, Jimmy John's founder and owner, Jimmy John Liautaud!


1. We slice everything fresh every day by hand, and have since 1983. We just haven't told you- now you know.

Jimmy John's ingredients


2. Our meats are all natural. No artificial preservatives or MSG- natural rocks!

3. Our in-house, baked fresh bread is sold as Day Old Bread after 4 hours old.

  Jimmy John's Tasty Day Old Bread

4. Every JJ's stays open 10 minutes past its posted closing time.

5. We make subs Freaky Fastâ„¢, 12 seconds is the record set for fastest sub.

6.  Jimmy attended 2 months of college at Eastern Illinois University, home of the original store. 

Jimmy John's and Eastern Illinois University

7.  You can have your sub made any way you want, your wish is our pleasure! 

8.  We slice all meats and veggies fresh every day in every store.

9. Jimmy's dad was his first partner, he loaned Jimmy $25,000 to start in 1983.

Original Jimmy John's

10. Jimmy bought out his dad and repaid the loan in 1985.

11. The original menu consisted of 4 subs for $2.10 each and 25 cent cokes.

Old School Jimmy John's Menu

12. Jimmy founded the first JJ's store at 19 years old in 1983.

13. Jimmy never assigned a store #13 because it was an unlucky number- I guess it worked.

14.  We slice all our produce fresh every day in every store, meats too, by hand.

Jimmy John's Fresh Sliced Veggies

15. Our meats are all natural.

16. Jimmy can't dance, or sing, but he dances and sings often. 

17. Drew Brees owns 9 JJ's in New Orleans. Who dat?

Jimmy John's owner Jimmy John Liautaud and Drew Brees

18. Jimmy is a farmer and he also makes an oh-so tasty Philly steak sandwich. 

19. Jimmy's the man behind the man behind the sandwich. We call it an upside down pyramid. Jimmy serves those who serve those who serve the sandwiches.

20. Our cookies are made with real butter and real vanilla and you can taste the love.

21. We spend 6 hours slicing and baking every day to make you a 30-second sandwich.

Jimmy John's Cookies

22. Our chips have a lot of chips in the bag, not a lot of air. See for yourself.

23. Did I mention our meats are all natural?

24. Since JJ began in 1983, all meats and veggies are sliced fresh every day in every store.

25. If you like the way your sub tastes, tell your pals. If you have a suggestion, write to me at If it works, I'll implement it!