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It's All About the Small Stuff

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Jimmy John's Employee

“I love my job. We have an elderly couple who come to our store about four times a week. They know me by name and I know them by name. They remember me back when I was a delivery driver. I know their order because they order the same sandwiches every time. Not too long ago, we had an ice storm and the parking lot was super icy. I saw them pull up and didn’t want them to get hurt, so we hurried and made their sandwiches. The husband was getting out to help his wife, but by the time he got out of his car, boom, I had the sandwiches out to him. He handed me the money, I ran in to get his change, and brought it to him. It’s something small like that, that makes me happy and proud to work here.”

-Matt Miltenberger, General Manager, Gresham, OR #1426